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Thanks so much!

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Hi guys I am new writer in the episode community and I have being looking for backgrounds and I came across Daras and Chers backgrounds and when I click on the link it sends me to google docs! can someone please tell me how I can transfer a episode background from google docs into my story
thank you
kind regards -Episode.dw xx

When you click on the image in google drive and it’s made bigger. The download button should be at the top on the right hand side of the image. Here is an example:

I do have a question. Does anyone know the overlay in this image? It’s the Hidden Background in the episode catalog. I have no idea how to get rid of the overlay. I tried to go to overlay helper in the direct helper section but it didn’t read the overlay at all.

ican you guys please help me with chosing one of my two ideas for a story, please go to my last topic it would really help me out, sorry if i’m doing this at the wrong place but i really really really need help!!

add another overlay (for example somewhere offscreen) to the scene, the default one will disappear then :slight_smile:

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So, i need help with labels, a lot of people said i need to enter “goto label_name” or “label label_name” but whenever i do one of those, it tells me that the label doesn’t exist, please help me.

can you show your script?

How long will it take fore story covers to be reviewed? I’m writing my first story and have designed my cover. I’ve been waiting for quite a few days and wondering if it’s because it’s my first story? Does it normally take this long?

yeah it can take a while not just because you’re a first time writer

Ah okay, ty

This might help, but I think your mistake is that you didn’t put where you want your label to be.
To put label where You want it to be you just write in that place label label_name
In your case I don’t think you need labels, because they (readers) are making a choice that they can’t come back to :stuck_out_tongue:

Who should I give credit? The person who has created the background/overlay or the person who the background/overlay was created for and is sharing it?

The creator of the background/overlay should be credited.


I am in need for help :frowning: I am doing a smoke overlay and it comes up but it won’t move and it also look s extremely weird because theirs a line in-front of the smoke which makes the smoke look very fake EXT. WINERY WEDDING STORM - DAY with EFFECT SMOKE with effect HARD RAIN

@overlay EFFECT SMOKE opacity 1
@overlay EFFECT SMOKE shifts to -8 285
@overlay EFFECT SMOKE scales to 0.454 0.454

what am I doing wrong

Thank you so much! And i wanted to do that thing where you ask a question and come back to the choice and ask another one :blush:

Here is one by @/Dara.Amarie

Don’t forget to credit her.

Does anyone know how to add multiple backgrounds in the beginning of the story?
I’ve tried to add a warning background before the INT. BLACK NIGHT and its not working help :disappointed: