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Ah yes! I thought you were exiting the character by using @CHAR walks to ____. That’s why I usually ask for the code loll. But, no worries, I’m glad you were able to figure it out :blush:

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I have another question, I’m sorry if I’m such a bother but, do you know how to let the reader customize their own character and the love interest? And how can I block some options, I mean, a character of mine must have the same skin color, hair among others because of their nationality. How do I block those options so that the reader does not change them?

Character customization, also known as CC, is done using a CC code that involves a lot of complex commands. Episode, thanks to @Dara.Amarie, has a CC template you can access on the writer’s portal:

You can also access Dara’s direct CC code here.

Now if you want to limit the CC, you will have to go in and delete certain parts of the code. Unfortunately, that is also complex. If you aren’t familiar with this type of coding, it’s very easy to mess it up. If you want to give it a try, I can give you some tips. But if you want to play it safe, I suggest asking another director to create a CC specific to your needs.

Thank you so much for your help!

How do u add in a overlay a bit into the scene?

You have to create it and add the opacity for visibility:

@overlay OVERLAY_NAME create
@overlay OVERLAY_NAME opacity 1

You can find more info on what opacity is and how you can scale and shift your overlay here.

This scene is set in zone 2, and I want the zoom to focus on a person in the first zone, but this is apparently incorrect, so can someone please tell me what to write instead

@zoom on 17 481 to 214% in 0.2 in zone 1

You can’t add on a zone onto a zoom command. If you want the zoom to focus on someone in zone 1, you’ll have to start out at zone 1 and then move to zone 2 for the scene.


so it is see through now? How do I make it visible?

Make sure the opacity is at 1:

@overlay OVERLAY_NAME opacity 1

And then make sure you shift and scale the overlay so that it’s on screen. I gave you a link on the last post where you can find more on overlay placement.

I have a character walking back into a scene and he makes it all the way there but then just disappears?
@KYLA is deepbreath
&XANDER spot 0.992 409 107 in zone 3 at layer 3
(One step closer.)
@pause for a beat
KYLA (talk_shrug)
Did you forget something?
@XANDER walks to spot 0.992 194 107 in zone 2 in 3
@XANDER is kiss_passionate_rear AND XANDER faces right AND KYLA is startled_surprised

it shows the right zones so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Can I see more of the code please?

    XANDER (talk_contend)
I'm holding you and that dress responsible.

&XANDER walks to spot 0.992 409 107 in zone 3 in 15 AND XANDER is walk_exhausted
Mumbling Woman over here trying to murder her own boyfriend.
@KYLA is laugh_crack_up
@pause for a beat
@KYLA is deepbreath
&XANDER spot 0.992 409 107 in zone 3 at layer 3
(One step closer.)
@pause for a beat
KYLA (talk_shrug)
Did you forget something?
@XANDER walks to spot 0.992 194 107 in zone 2 in 3
@zoom on 485 366 to 196% in 0
&KYLA spot 0.947 131 132 in zone 2 at layer 0 AND KYLA faces right AND KYLA is startled_surprised THEN KYLA is kiss_passionate_loop
&XANDER is kiss_passionate_loop_rear AND XANDER faces right
@pause for 4
&KYLA is idle
XANDER (talk_neutral)
Alright, that just made things worse.
&XANDER walks to spot 0.992 409 107 in zone 3 in 8 AND XANDER is walk_exhausted
@KYLA is laugh_chuckle
@KYLA is deepbreath
KYLA (idle_sad)
(I really hope you can forgive me Lem.)

is that enough?

Yes, thank you. So I’m guessing you cut to zone 2 at the beginning of the scene. Everything looks fine to me. Did you try previewing on the app?

Yes I cut to zone 3 at the very beginning then back to 2. I tried the app and he still disappears.

Actually, I see it now.

Because this walking command is 15 seconds long and you’re using an &, this will cause glitching for the code that continues. And that’s because the character will continue trying to finish this command for the duration of 15 seconds even if you give it a second command afterwards.
Solution: Either use an @ or reduce the timer.

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I’ve figured out the major events that are going to happen in my story, but I don’t know how to keep the story going in between those major events. Like Idk how to make interesting and relevant scenes, so how do I keep the story interesting?

I’m new here and this was very helpful.
I’m trying also to make my character choose their hairstyle after they change their outfits but I’m failing miserably :smile: I was able to make the choice work for the outfits but not for the hairstyle keeping the selected outfit or viceversa. I’m using limelight. Any chance you can help me?
Thank you so much!!!

I’m working on something, and I want the character to scream while the screen is bouncing around. Can anyone help? I have this, but nothing happens… PS, this isn’t the real character. Obviously.

&zoom on 176 407 to 356% in 0.1
&zoom on 25 501 to 356% in 0.1
&zoom on 269 246 to 356% in 0.1
&zoom on 64 568 to 356% in 0.1
&zoom on 152 379 to 356% in 0.1
&zoom on 120 440 to 356% in 0.1
JOE IN THE CAR (animation goes here)