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Hey people!

I have:

&zoom on 153 299 to 178% in 3
&overlay CAR INTERIOR shifts to -350 -203 in 3
&overlay CAR INTERIOR scales to 2.986 2.986 in 3
&overlay UGLY LOOKING FRONT CAR SEATS shifts to -344 -263 in 3
&overlay UGLY LOOKING FRONT CAR SEATS scales to 2.986 2.986 in 3
&MILITARYWOMAN15 walks to spot 1.500 372 -129 in 3 AND MILITARYWOMAN15 does it while arms_crossed
&MILITARYMAN17 walks to spot 1.600 -87 -127 in 3 AND MILITARYMAN17 does it while arms_crossed_angry
&YOUNG LYDIA walks to spot 0.509 109 335 in 3
@pause for 3

@YOUNG LYDIA is hug AND YOUNG DAVE is startled_surprised
It’s going to be alright!

I have tried a few different ways (like making her hug while talking, putting “&” instead of “@”) but she just doesn’t hug (animations before and after having her walk up to Dave and talk to him seem to be working; all of Dave’s animations are working, even the startled_surprised)
Can someone please help me?

can you post your script here? :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums!

try longer pause (3.1 instead of 3) if it won’t work send me your entire scene on PM :slight_smile:

Wow, you truly are a god! I would have never thought that .1 seconds would make such a difference so thank you so much!

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Hi! So i am writinf a new story, and i want the player to have a character in my story. With her or his own looks and name. How do i do that? Thanks xx

you need to create a character and just give an option to customize and give a name :slight_smile:

For customization:
Dara's Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)

For type-in-name:

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Can anyone please help me with spotting and layering?


At first I typed:
@GAIA/DANNY enters from left to screen left in zone 2
but whenever I saved, it kept saying;
When I tried previewing it on my phone, they would stand in screen right of zone 1 and face left. Then I tried spotting, but it still said the same thing and they would still stand in the wrong position;



As for the layering, I typed;

but when I used the preview, DANNY would stand in front of IRIS (the girl with the black hair).

Thank you so much!

Just delete “in zone 1” and “in zone 2” and use @ for pan

Move him to the layer after the spotting or just put at the same line
@DANNY spot 1.275 103 25 AND DANNY faces right AND DANNY moves to layer 5

You need to move IRIS to layer 6 if you want her to be in front of him

oh right! :sweat_smile: I forgot the higher the number, the more forward (I don’t know if that’s the right term) they are. Thank you!

I tried doing this; but now Gaia is entering in zone 3

Nevermind, I’ve fixed it. Thank you for the help. :slight_smile:

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What means “LGBTQ”? :thinking::sweat_smile:

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Thank you :smile:

Does anyone know what this means?
14%20PM 05%20PM
Are the numbers too high?

@MC walks to spot

right :sweat_smile: thank you

how do you make advanced choices

Why does it say that Bald doesn’t exist?