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Need help…
I’m trying to make my character jump over a lake…
But when I look at the outcome, my character jumps, first on the spot where he stands, then on the spot where he should land, but then he’s back at the first spot before he starts running away…

@DANIEL spot 0.290 -17 569 AND DANIEL moves to layer 2
@DANIEL walks to spot 0.290 96 574 in 2 AND DANIEL does it while run_athletic
@DANIEL walks to spot 0.290 244 592 in 1 AND DANIEL does it while jump_loop THEN DANIEL is idle
@DANIEL walks to spot 0.290 361 596 in 2 AND DANIEL does it while run_athletic


It works for me. Is he coming back to the first spot? :thinking:


When I try it, he’s coming back to the first spot, but normaly he needs to stay on the spot where he jumped to…


Can you send me video on my IG?


How can I loop a background?


Of course, can I have your IG?


How do I fix this?



wow :open_mouth: :smiley: that’s a lot! Are you using full customisation? You need to add pages

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it’s @a.p.episode :slight_smile:

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Thank you!


hmm, strange… Yesterday it was wrong, but when I look at it now, it’s just how it needs to be… Sorry ;s


I have one error on my story and that is Duplicate Label “first_name_input”
I have no idea what to change it to. Can someone help?


I was wondering why it says ERROR
Unexpected NOWAITSEQUENCE: Diana enters from right to screen center?


it’s because you use the same label twice, you need change the label name for the second character to

label first_name_input_1 for example


Does your command look like this?

@DIANA enters from right to screen center

If yes, the error is probably somewhere else, please post more :slight_smile:



line 855, you need to delete DIANA or add some dialogue underneath




I hope this isn’t a completely stupid question, but is the requirement 400 lines of dialogue, or 400 lines total? Dialogue to me means characters talking, but I could be understanding incorrectly. I’m writing my first story and chapter one is about 4000 lines, but I only have about 250 lines of dialogue (where I was thinking dialogue is characters talking).