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You will be able to publish with 250 lines (because of your long script) but someone could report your story because it doesn’t follow requirements of 400 lines dialogue.

So basically it’s supposed to be 400 lines of dialogue.

OK, thank you so much!!

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Sorry one more…Narrator “voice” doesn’t count does it?

Narrator “voice” does count as a line of dialogue.

How do I stop my characters going on top of each other. For example, I’m trying to create my front cover and the 2 boys I want at the back are over lapping the girls. Any idea how to prevent this?

You need to move the to layers



can someone help… I have a restaurant scene and want to pan to them walking to sit… not sure what order it all goes and how to walk and pan at the same time?

Thanks heaps!

I haven’t found an answer to this, and have been searching all day; How does one add the scene with their social media handles with their character? I’ve seen it in nearly EVERY story I’ve read. Is it a personalized background? If you upload it to the background collection, wouldn’t that make it usable for anyone? I’m new to this, thank you to anyone who helps out!

Nahh… If you add a personalized background, nobody else than you can see it. Unless you put it in your story of course. :wink:

And yeah they make their own background.

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If you use spot directing…

    *&pan to zone # in [time]*
    *@CHARACTER walks to spot [scale] x y in zone # in [time]*

or you can do it like in this video

Please helo me, idk how to put the overlay where i want, i did copy the code underneath in the box and it’s still don’t work


INT. KITCHEN CLASSIC LUXURY - DAY with YELLOW FLOWERS to 0.780 178 225 in zone 2

and delete commands after cut to zone

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thank u so much, you are a savior :heart_eyes:

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Hello there! I’m currently stuck in a part of my story and I need some help. One of my characters is dead, I need to make him made away like a ghost. How can I do that??

You can make him into an overlay and make him more grey and invisible.

when you have a child running how do you keep them at the same size

You use spots because some of the numbers in the spot coding is the height of your character.


@CHARACTER stands spot X Y in zone #
@CHARACTER walks to spot X Y in zone # AND CHARACTER does it while run_athletic

I hope this helped! :blush:

Thank you!:slight_smile:

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You can use fading out background method as well