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I’m trying to use a script template and it keeps saying this,… need help

delete @pause for a beat

Hi! I’m having a issue with the looping background. I put it in but when I preview it, it just doesn’t move.

Which one you’re using?


this background unfortunately doesn’t loop😐 it’s been like this for years.

You can upload this background as an overlay and loop it, check this thread here:

You can find there this background and ready to use code :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

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How do you get 2 characters to share the same narrator bubble ?

You can’t, unfortunately. You can create a character named BOTH for example and use it for narrator bubble or just make a bubble overlay

Ok thanks

Why can I delete some characters and outfits but not others? Like I’m not talking about default outfits, I know you can’t delete them. But other outfits and some characters just don’t have the delete button…

they are in the script somewhere

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Thanks so much. That’s going to take a while though.

Ohhhh okay, thanks :heart:

Find them in the script, delete from there then option to delete in the outfit section will show up :slight_smile:

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How do you get 2 characters entering and walking at the same time ??? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

This is really stupid, but why does everyone say “bump” on their threads?

@CHARACTER1 enters from left/right to screen # AND CHARACTER2 enters from left/right to screen #

(# - Screen left, upscreen left, screen center, upscreen right, screen right)


@CHARACTER1 walks to spot x y in zone # AND CHARACTER2 walks to spot x y in zone #

(# - Zone 1/2/3/4…)

BUMP means Bring Up My Post so your topic can be seen first on the list :grin: also, we are bumping threads to prevent them from closing :smile:

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Well. I’ve had this concern. When I review my script on my phone in the create section, it shows some characters with missing clothes or hairdos, or mouths, etc. I know that they’re all there as it can be seen on the website preview.
I’ve realised that all the missing items are the new ones Episode uploaded (like new hairstyles or outfits). I’m just worried that if I upload that chapter, will it show those things gone like it did on my phone?