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You have to use picture editing program and use option to blur the background and upload as an overlay then later fade in (using opacity) in the scene when you want to use it

Hey, if you go to your account settings on your writer portal there’s now an option to archive your story so it isn’t seen in your writer portal. It still exists, it’s just not listed when you enter your portal. I just did that so I could use some messed up attempts to test different coding when people post the “what am I doing wrong” questions. It’s easier for me, personally, to see it in action to figure out what’s wrong with it.

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Hi, I am newer than a baby here…lol. I would like to know how do I add a background of my own design? Can I create my own book cover and add it?

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Hi :smiley: and welcome to the forums!

Here’s how to upload cover and background:

You can create your own cover and add it :slight_smile:

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Hi I’m using a dara.amarie clothes template but says I have an error ‘goto dressing_game’ it also says that dressing game should end with a branch


You have to put an } at the end, without the # before it.

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How do you get a custom name to show up in dialogue from episodes other than the ones you put the choice in?

Just use your display name in [ ]

For example

Hi, [NAME]!

Hey! I need help… sorry to bother you but i’m trying to add my own background, episode has approved of it already and when I put it into the script it said it didn’t exist? I put the right name and everything. Sorry if this is obvious and i’m just stoopid x

Don’t be sorry this is a help thread :smiley: you can post anytime!

If you sure that your name is right the error might be somewhere else, can you post your script?

wait, sorry! It just worked? heh. Big thanks though xx

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Although, I have another question, you know how sometimes you go onto a story and they kind of have a second cover? Like when you tap to read it… it’s not a reminder for Mature Themes or Sound… is there a name for that? :))

You mean like a splash? :thinking:

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Oh, thank you! Once again, I’m so so sorry but i’ve got another question… I promise this will be all! But, you know @pause for a beat? Is there a command similar that goes for longer?

You can ask as many questions as you want :slight_smile:

You can pause your scene for how long you want:

@pause for S

S - seconds


@pause for 5

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Thank you!! :DD

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Awesome. Thank you so much.:hugs:

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Helloo! So I am creating a story on a different episode account and anyway, SO I need help! can someone explain to me how to move characters between being infront or behind another! I have searched and searched and cant seem to find a thing!
many thanks to any help received.