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Welp, thanks for your help. Do you have any stories published? I’d love to check them out.

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No problem! Yeah, I have two stories published. Daughter of the blue Dragon is my story on my own account and College Days: A Mystical Beginning on my co-author account with my friend.

Well, goodnight!

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Good night as well!

Sometimes when you put an overlay on the scene it will default to 0 opacity. As for the other information, I will be adding @JemU776 to this post so she can help you out. Just put in the command:

@overlay overlayname to opacity 1

Thanks for the tag @WolfGamerGirl37 :heart:

@hana.lauren make sure the overlay is in the right zone. And do not forget to add the opacity command, it is very important.

Yes, they work in ink, though they aren’t that new. I believe tappable overlays are still in beta testing but they should work.

Thread on timed choices: Timed Choices Code
Thread on tappable overlays: A Basic Guide to Tappable Overlays
Thread on creating text from overlays: A Guide to Creating Text from Overlays

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Change their display name (the one shown to the reader)

Thread: A Guide to Typed-in Choices

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No problem!

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Hi! Yes the tappables will work with any story but may not work on some devices. Some readers still have a problem using them.
Text overlays should be showing. Make sure you have put
&overlay TEXT opacity 1 in 0
TEXT is the name you give your overlay.
When you use the input code so the reader can choose their name, the name you put (FIRSTNAME) or (YOU) should be placed in the character name display box in the character creation on portal.
Hope that helps. Let me know if you need any more help :+1:

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What’s your name?

input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (NAME)

[NAME] is a beautiful name!

In this case NAME would be the display name. It doesnt have to be NAME, can be anything u want.

@hana.lauren :black_heart:

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ok thank you

Hi it keeps saying duplicate lip_nautral etc I tried re-typing but it still doesn’t work


Do you have more than one character being customised? Or using more than one dress game? Each one needs different labels in any one chapter. This is why there is more than one CC template on the portal. Go through and just add a number after each label and goto or delete and start again with another template :blush:

omg. that actually worked thanks so much! :smiley::smiley:

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Aaaaand, now I have a new problem. image

And also my background doesn’t exist now because of the opacity thing. Also this error occurred because of changing the opacity

No problem! Glad it worked out!

@JemU776 could you help her out? I’m not sure what else to do.

She should be able to help you out when she see’s this post okay.

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Thank you so much

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can someone PLEASE help me with this damn anchor point. I’ve tried 0 0, 0.5 0.5 and 1 1 … they all put my freaking shovel in the wrong place - 0 0 / 0.5 0.5 -lower left and 1 1 ends up near the upper right of my screen… HELP!!