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What does this mean, and how do I fix it?

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You need to remove the line underneath “choice” so it should look like
“Hair” {

Instead of:

“Hair” {


And there shouldn’t be a line between the dialogue and the name of the character. It should be
What does he look like?

And then the choice option.

I’ll just leave a basic choice template for you here :blush:

(The square parenthesis [ ] are what you should edit for your script)

[Pre-choice Dialogue]

“[Option 1]” {

[What happens as a result of this option]

} “[Option 2]” {

[What happens as a result]


[Continue with script.]

Note that this can be expanded to include several options although I believe only 8 will fit on screen at once.

Here’s an example. DO NOT STEAL IT >:3 >:3 (Modified from a story I’m writing.)

Choose your question wisely.

“Am I dead?” {

MAIN (talk_sheepish_rubneck)
Am I… dead…?

JACKSONCHILDSHADOW (talk_think_neutral)
It is most likely.

@MAIN is react_startled_surprised

MAIN (talk_unsure)
Wh-what do you mean “Most likely?”

JACKSONCHILDSHADOW (talk_think_neutral)
Unless you’ve gone into a deep coma, or somehow broke the Aetherial Barrier, then I know of no possible explanation as to why you would still be alive.

MAIN (talk_sad_timid_loop)
Would I know if I was in a coma?

JACKSONCHILDSHADOW (talk_think_neutral)
I wouldn’t know.

} “What are you?” {

JACKSONCHILDSHADOW (talk_armscrossed_condescending_loop)
I am many things; guide and spectator, past and present, real and imaginary.

MAIN (talk_sarcastic)
| outline:black |Really | reset |helpful.

} “What do you mean by ‘the past cannot save me?’”{

MAIN (talk_armscrossed_neutral_loop)
What do you mean when you say “the past cannot save you?”
Is there anything that can?

JACKSONCHILDSHADOW (talk_armscrossed_shrug_neutral)
Perhaps time will tell…
But I doubt that you will ever leave here.

@MAIN starts idle_sad_timid_loop

@zoom on MAIN to 500% in 0.5

MAIN (talk_sad_atcamera)
Well, that’s… comforting…


I still felt none the wiser, but at least I’d gotten the shadow to talk to me…

I have a guy sitting in the chair on the left side of classroom desk - day. I’m wanting my second charter to come in from the left side and go to the chair on the left next to the guy. I’ve tried but i can only get her to go to the right side and she is over the guy.

Can someone please help me with that?
I’ll include pictures so you know what I’m talking about.

34%20PM%20-%20Edited 59%20PM%20-%20Edited

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You’ll need to use layers.
For example
@mc moves to layer -2

i’m providing a link to @Apes guide on layering
hope it helps

You’ll also need to set the spot that she goes to.
For example @MC enters from left to spot 1 90 20 (or whatever spot corresponds with her height/the position of the other character.)
Depending on if the guy is sitting, you may wish to also add the animation. (To align this with the character’s dialogue, use “@MC starts action” rather than “MC is action” :slight_smile:

I used @Dara.Amarie remembering outfit template and in the template it uses the word “if” but I went to save it says unexpected if.


if/elif/else if for remembering choice it seems like you want to make a normal dressing game?

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I don’t think you need to write the choice (blue_wear) before the if but I am not sure :slight_smile:

how do I do it as remembering choice

here are the templates, pick one :slight_smile:

thank you

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Okay, How does the if eilif and else system work on multi-choice dressing games.

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Do you mean where you can pick top and bottom separately?

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I have three differen option sections like traditional, colored and two-toned. I multiple choices inside those options for readers to choose from. I’m not reallt sure how to go about this. It would be my first time to using this system.

you need to confirmation for each choice then (the bold part)

What do you want to wear?

“Outfit 1” {
@CHARACTER changes into Outfit1

Do you like this outfit?

"Yes" {
gain outfit_1

} “No” {
goto outfitchoice

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Okay, So I just put that part in the if elif and else part? I think that is in the script already. I just have to connect that option to the system?

No, that’s for your dressing game :slight_smile: PM me your script so I can see it and tell you how to bring it up :slight_smile:

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Sounds good. I will do that now.

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