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At this point that blue screen is what it looks like.


Okay so you have a label called goto story_start there, but where exactly do you use the label again? Cause I don’t see that you have created the label with the entire label: Label story_start.


Omg thank you! That was the problem.


Glad to be of help :blush:


Um what does this mean "use @character walks to x y z in S


Spot directing, love!

I made a guide about it. Check it out:


It’s spot directing. So are you getting an error on it?


I’ve got a problem with the characterization again. I am customizing the boy, however, it won’t let me go back to the home screen. For example, let’s say I click on skin tone and tan deep rose. It won’t let me go back to the other selections by pressing this looks good. So I can’t go back and pick different eyebrows or hair.


You must’ve missed some labels.
Which template did you use?
Maybe try to delete and copy and paste again?


Try it here :slight_smile:


I pasted that in and now it says Unexpected CHARACTER_FEATURE_CHANGE
(u’changes’, u’BOY’, u’bodyColor, u’Fair Gold’)


Let me check that for you, I’ll PM you :slight_smile:


Hi, does anyone know anywhere to get car overlays and/or backgrounds ?


Also, If you need something specific here’s my friend Overlay Shop :slight_smile:


Thank you ! :slight_smile:

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How do you add in an overlay halfway through a scene?


You have to use a command
@overlay OVERLAY create
and add shift, scale, and opacity commands

More how to do it in this guide:


Ah ok, thanks :blush:

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Is there any animation that has the character raising their hands kind of like saying “wait” or “don’t go”? I’ve seen it in multiple stories.