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not even the directing options are availble

Are you testing your story on the phone or web preview?

it seems like it’s a new bug, you should send a support ticket

Hi! I´m new to episode and I´m creating my first story now! I was just wondering how you can give the reader the chance to create a character? I tried watching a youtobe video but when I followed it, it wouldn´t give me all of the hairs and looks? Does anyone know how you do that? :slight_smile:

Here’s the thread where you can find customisation templates :grin:

Let me know if you have any problems :slight_smile:

Thank you! <3

Hey, I’m trying to rotate the minute hand, but it keeps going all over the place. I want to do the same with the hour hand, but I can’t even fix this part can someone help me. I have watched Joseph Evans videos, looked up topics for 2 hours, but nothing

@overlay 5468774868516864_MINUTE shifts to 136 255
@overlay 5468774868516864_MINUTE scales to 0.172 0.172
@overlay 5468774868516864_HOUR shifts to 149 253
@overlay 5468774868516864_HOUR scales to 0.190 0.190
@overlay MINUTE rotates 360 anchor point 0 0 in 2

All sorted now?

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Hey, I’m Going To Try To Make As Much Sense As I Can Lol, But I Have No Idea How To Do A Duplicate Character! :sleepy: How Can I Use It To Remember The Choices The Readers Chose For Customizing The Character’s Hair, Lipstick And Choosing Their Outfit In The Previous Chapter.
And If I Want To Have A Flashback Scene How Do I Get The Character Back To The Orginal Outfit And Etc. That They Had Chose Before.
Really Hope All Of This Made Sense Lol.

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To change ourfits it would be
@CHARACTER changes into outfit_name
To remember outfits
If (flower_princess) {
@CHARACTER changes into outfit_name
} else {

For duplicate characters ask your readers to create a duplicate and then add the template made by @Dara.Amarie

To remember choices write
gain flower_princess
Then when you need to remember it write something like
The if and else part. If its more than 2 you use the if/elif/else thing. Check out @Dara.Amarie’s website, or profile to find links to all of this or @JosephEvans on YouTube and watch guides and learn the basics!

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I Already Have Everything Coded For The Outfit, Lip & Hair Template, I Kind Of Need Help In How To Remember What The Readers Chose In A Different Scene Or The Next Chapter.

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Add gains and use the if/elif/else system

good day guys, can someone help me :slight_smile:
how to put tables between the girls here’s my script thank you

Is this table an overlay already?


you need to move them to layers

For example:
@overlay OVERLAY to layer -5
@GIRL1 moves to layer -6
@GIRL2 moves to layer -7

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thank you i will try it now :slight_smile:

here’s the example of the dressing game and how to remember it

hi is not working error is appearing, what should i do to put overlay?