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Hi, does anyone know anywhere to get car overlays and/or backgrounds ?

Also, If you need something specific here’s my friend Overlay Shop :slight_smile:

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

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How do you add in an overlay halfway through a scene?

You have to use a command
@overlay OVERLAY create
and add shift, scale, and opacity commands

More how to do it in this guide:

Ah ok, thanks :blush:

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Is there any animation that has the character raising their hands kind of like saying “wait” or “don’t go”? I’ve seen it in multiple stories.

Also, how to you get the person to create another character (including their name) and have their actual name show up throughout the whole script. Like the name they chose. For example lets say the character desingned themselves and a love interest. How would I make their choice show up for the rest of the story.

Have a look here, I’m not sure about Limelight animations:

I did edit your script for names as well it will show their chosen name everywhere :slight_smile:

Does anyone know the original zoom code because I want to reset the zoom but I want it to have a smooth transformation?

Danke schön.

What is the command to get them to say their name. I’ve tried (BOY) but the name I put in it doesn’t come up. It just comes up in the dialogue as (BOY).

I did write this you as well :slight_smile:

Hello, [BOY] how are you?

Oh I was using the wrong brackets

Is there a way you can have two characters run off at the same time. Also I need a car overlay.

@CHAR1 walks to screen ______ in zone ___ AND CHAR1 does while run_jog AND CHAR2 walks to screen _______ in zone ___ AND CHAR2 does it while run_jog

You can use whatever run behavior you want

As for the overlay, I have an overlay shop open. The link is on my bio if you want to check it out.

How do you get a character to stop the talking action after their dialogue is done?

@CHARACTER starts idle
&CHARACTER is idle