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Like @SkyM mentioned send your story for a reviews on IG review accounts. There’s many! Also, promote your story here on the forums. :smile:

How do you make choices timed?

Check out: https://www.dara-amarie.com/timed-choices

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I’m trying to code/write my first story & have hit many bumps in the road that neither YouTube or I have been able to forgive out. Haha.

I just tweaked a bunch of my speech bubbles to not be covering sitting characters faces & now line way above these in my story have warnings. Also after I did this one of my characters magically disappeared.

Also when I try to have the camera FOLLOW my character to a different zone she pops up in the middle of the screen in the first zone then walks

Can you show a screenshot of your script where the problem is occurring?


Check out: HOW TO: Stage Direction

I talk about following a character to another zone.

Note that you should place her in the zone before you pan to the zone.


&CHAR stands screen center in zone 3 AND CHAR faces left
@pan to zone 3 in 1

Idk how to screen shot it off my phone like how to make all the writing show so I can type the line out.

@follow MORGAN from right to screen right in zone 3 AND MORGAN is walk_neutral_loop THEN MORGAN faces left

The warning reads:
@follow MORGAN from right to screen right in zone 3 AND MORGAN is walk_neutral_loop THEN MORGAN faces left is not a valid directing command”

@follow MORGAN to screen right in zone 3

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So remove everything else but that?

That has her still pop up on the right side of zone one and then start walking. I would like it to look like she is walking in from the left all the way to zone three

So you want her to begin at screen left in zone 1 and then walk to screen right in zone 3, right?


Here’s an example:


&zoom reset

@YOU enters from left to screen left THEN follow YOU to screen right in zone 3 in 3 AND YOU does it while walk_neutral THEN YOU is idle

Is it working fine now?

Yes! I just fixed it and I didn’t know what the reset thing was at first but I figured it out thank you.

Oh OK, glad to hear the example helped, have a good day/afternoon/evening/night :hugs:

How do I make my family members change with my MC? I gave full CC/ become your episode avatar. I looked on here but the coding seems like a lot on the two I found when the coding for CC was really easy.

Yeah I read that one but I guess I just don’t understand it unfortunately

Place your family members off screen and put something like @MUM becomes MC but just change her eye shape and maybe lip shape so she looks older. For a sister, change maybe eyebrow shape or whatever. For males … I’m not 100% if the becomes command works. Someone here will know :smile: