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can you PM me your script?

Yeah :slight_smile:

Hello, so I ran into a problem. In my story I need my characters in the scene before it fades in so it looks like they’ve been standing there already. But whenever I do that, it fades in THEN pops the characters in, which looks bad… I’ve tried putting the spot numbers and stuff for the characters BEFORE the transition but that just pops up the background for one second and THEN transitions and fades into it again

Ch. 1 - Just The Way It Is…
Warning: This Story Has Sound!


NPC1 spot 0.731 34 247 and NPC1 faces right and NPC1 is talk_armscrossed_angry_loop and NPC2 spot 0.821 85 189 and NPC2 faces right and NPC2 is talk_handsonhips_neutral_rear

@transition fade in

@pan to zone 4

The city of CleffDille is known for it’s notorius crime…

pan to zone 1


So there is this new story called Chaos, and I want to know, how do they do such smooth transitions, like when they zoom in on something, they do it so smoothly.

Use the & for all commands before a transition. Transition (in my Opinion) must come last before opening a scene. So character placements, zooms. Outfit changes (must use a @ for outfits/feature changes) and filters you would use a & before the transition. Hope that helps and good luck with your story :blush:

You can use easing functions for zooms (using easeinout is the most common)

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My problem isn’t really that serious and I could do just fine with not finding a solution but I at least want to try. I changed my story format from Cinematic to phone text and then I typed out the scene. My problem is that I put the background with the phone overlay and the text runs over the overlay. I tried to adjust it but the overlay won’t move.

Can someone help me.
I use this background: EXT. OUTDOOR STREET LOOP - NIGHT

But it doesn’t move … what am I doing wrong?

I’ve written like this:
@zoom on 320 277 to 152% in 0
@LUANN spot 0.585 87 274 and LUANN faces right
@LUANN walks to spot 0.585 189 269 and LUANN faces right
@LUANN starts walk_neutral_loop

And I have already tested adding looping and restarting the program but nothing helps.
So is there anyone who knows how to do this in a another way?

Yeah, it may not work. I tried adding it to my story and it wasn’t moving either.

Oh really… and it was exactly the same background that you tried to use?
So then it must be wrong with the actual background then…

I copied the background from you reply and pasted it in my story. I’m surprised it’s not working.


I was wondering if anyone could help me with zones / narration? I want to create a scene where the character is walking from zone 1 to zone 3 and the camera follows him, while the narration is happening at the same time. if anyone could tell me how to do that i would really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Hi! Me again.

I just wanted to ask maybe you could look at what I did here wrong? It says that this is not a valid command for him to walk and the camera to follow him at this spot. This is the part of the script:

@DAREN enters from right to spot 1.280 223 5 AND DAREN faces left

    DAREN (talk_think)
Hello, dear, how are you? How's your throat?

@follow DAREN to spot 1.073 235 114 <— this part is wrong

I’m trying to get my character to lay on the floor however it won’t show the character on screen

You can’t use spot directing with the follow command, it is:

@follow CHARACTER to Position in Zone x

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If you use spot directing, have you specified a Zone?

Can read more here: HOW TO: Stage Direction

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&CHAR spot % X Y in zone # AND CHAR faces left/right AND CHAR is sleeping_animation

*you’d replace % X Y with numerical values
#-with a number
either left or right
replace CHAR with your character’s name
replace sleeping_animation with one that exists

So, when you do this, you need to use the spot helper to drag the character on to the screen and enter in the new coordinates, save and then preview.

Thanks, I’ll check it out.