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I was wondering if anyone could help me with zones / narration? I want to create a scene where the character is walking from zone 1 to zone 3 and the camera follows him, while the narration is happening at the same time. if anyone could tell me how to do that i would really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Hi! Me again.

I just wanted to ask maybe you could look at what I did here wrong? It says that this is not a valid command for him to walk and the camera to follow him at this spot. This is the part of the script:

@DAREN enters from right to spot 1.280 223 5 AND DAREN faces left

    DAREN (talk_think)
Hello, dear, how are you? How's your throat?

@follow DAREN to spot 1.073 235 114 <— this part is wrong

I’m trying to get my character to lay on the floor however it won’t show the character on screen

You can’t use spot directing with the follow command, it is:

@follow CHARACTER to Position in Zone x

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If you use spot directing, have you specified a Zone?

Can read more here: HOW TO: Stage Direction

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&CHAR spot % X Y in zone # AND CHAR faces left/right AND CHAR is sleeping_animation

*you’d replace % X Y with numerical values
#-with a number
either left or right
replace CHAR with your character’s name
replace sleeping_animation with one that exists

So, when you do this, you need to use the spot helper to drag the character on to the screen and enter in the new coordinates, save and then preview.

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

You should use a “Directing Helper” tool and select “Spot Helper”, select your desired character with the bubble “Change Char”, then make the bubble on the left say “Switch tool: Scale” and then drag your character a little to your desired place, that way you will see it.

Don’t forget to copy the new “spot” in your scrip.

Thank you!

How do I create it so a character has multiple outfits?

No problem :heart:

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Thank you

Thank you so much, that worked

Hi, so I made a cover for my story and I wanted so feedback before uploading in the forum.

The thumbnail:

The Longer Version:

I don’t want to upload it until I’m absolutely sure it looked decent.


It Looks Pretty great! Though the title implies, that you are using the Jonas Brothers, which is against the guidelines. You are not allowed to use real persons in your story

I don’t mean those Jonas brothers. The story has nothing to do with them or their music. In fact I completely forgot about them when making the story title :sweat_smile:

Then that is my bad! Other than that this is pretty good, though you should test if the title is readable in app.

Readable? Do you mean so that people don’t misinterpret?