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@follow CHARACTER to screen left in zone 3

&pan to zone 3
@CHARACTER walks to screen left in zone 3

&pan to zone 3
@CHARACTER walks to spot % X Y i zone 3

Ugh I’m so useless at this. I got my character to hold gun but in the next scene their still holding it, how do I get them to not hold it anymore

thank you

Check out: https://www.dara-amarie.com/props

To remove it:

@remove Prop Name from CHARACTER

*replace Prop Name with the name of the gun prop
*replace CHARACTER with your character’s name

You’re a lifesaver haha, thank you so much!

No problem!

So I give a lot of helpful tips here when you’re starting off in the episode community:

Feel free to check it out <3

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Is it actually possible to let the reader choose reading style like you could in “Out of time”? Or is that something that only some authors can do? And if it is possible to do that, how do I do it, are there any guides?

what do you mean by reading style?

Like LL, INK, and Classic

Hi again.

I got an issue with fading my character. I already read Dara’s thread about it and followed every step of it but since I’m starting my scene with many other commands it confuses me af… :joy:

Here is what I got so far:

EXT. GRAVEYARD - DAY with GRAVEYARD_OVERLAY in zone 2 at layer 2

&ARIEL moves to layer 1 and UNKNOWN moves to layer 3
@overlay GRAVEYARD_OVERLAY opacity 0.25 in 0
@zoom reset

@overlay 5515322715078656_GRAVEYARD_OVERLAY shifts to -319 1
@overlay 5515322715078656_GRAVEYARD_OVERLAY scales to 1.234 1.234
#@overlay GRAVEYARD_OVERLAY opacity 0.5 in 0

@UNKNOWN spot 0.938 244 52 in zone 2 AND UNKNOWN faces left

@zoom on 269 0 to 122% in 0
&zoom on 585 143 to 155% in 3
@cut to zone 2

&ARIEL spot 0.992 -50 10 THEN ARIEL walks to spot 0.992 149 10 in 3 AND ARIEL does it while walk_neutral
@transition fade in white in 3

#@UNKNOWN moves to layer 3 AND ARIEL moves to layer 1

@ARIEL spot 0.992 149 10 in zone 2 AND ARIEL is idle

The overlay already has the right size and I want “Unknown” to be seen normally and Ariel shall be fading. Is anybody able to help me with that? :see_no_evil:

Perhaps it’s because you put
#@UNKNOWN moves to layer 3 AND ARIEL moves to layer 1
instead of:
@UNKNOWN moves to layer 3 AND ARIEL moves to layer 1
and it looks like you did the same with:
#@overlay GRAVEYARD_OVERLAY opacity 0.5 in 0

No, unfortunately not. I made it like that because it was my first try but it didn’t work and I didn’t want to delete it :see_no_evil:
But thanks for your answer anyway :heart:

Is there anyway to get this to work in a script?

choice (hair) [shouldPaginate: YES]

I’m trying to remember a choice while allowing the choices to automatically separate into pages.

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I don’t think that would work with customization cuz there’s no way to “ungain” gains, so the reader would gain the gains for every choice they press on

I tried this in my script and it worked :woman_shrugging:


Hey! I just started writing my first story not too long ago, but I can’t get the transitions down. I always have a lot of things going on before the transitions fade in, so maybe I have too many commands? Here’s something copy and pasted as an example:

@overlay 5676696397021184_TEDDYBEAR shifts to 154 90
@overlay 5676696397021184_TEDDYBEAR scales to 0.275 0.275

@overlay 5676696397021184_TOYPILE shifts to 0 -3
@overlay 5676696397021184_TOYPILE scales to 0.520 0.520

@zoom on 212 0 to 177% in 0

@CAROLINE2 spot 0.804 248 59

@JESSIE2 spot 0.817 98 57

@JESSIE2 faces right

@CAROLINE2 is sleep_sitting

@JESSIE2 is sleep_sitting

@transition fade in black 10

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[Uploading: 01918FFE-A04B-424E-B5B5-DD01215FDD96.jpeg…

Can some one tell me what I did wrong? I’ve been staring at this for like 10 minutes and I have no idea :joy:

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I put it into my script and it worked, maybe try re-writing it :woman_shrugging:

yea it has worked for me before too so I was really confused

Maybe delete line 27 so there is no room between the narration and the choice