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Can I have more than two characters exit a scene at once? If so how?

@CHARACTER1 exits right and @CHARACTER2 exits right

&CHARACTER1 exits right
@CHARACTER2 exits right

But can I do it with 3 characters?

yes, i believe you can use “and” to keep going to infinity, or at least 3 or more times

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hey does anyone know how to make a character do a summersault like in the fight scenes of assassins of blackwood?

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How can you add the a clothes item on the character?

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You have to create different outfits

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No, I mean for example how to remove just the top of the outfit (when the character undress) or how to add a bracelet to the character (when the character wears the bracelet).

Thank you for your help.

You will have to make the outfits twice,. with and without the things you want. If you want your character to wear a top, you make one with a top. If you want them to take it off, you make an outfit with the exact same pants etc. but without the top. Episode does not provide a code for just taking off one piece of clothing.

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How does the choice [ShouldPaginate:yes] thing work? I’m kind of confused on how to do this.

it basically creates pages itself so you don’t need to create labels and goto’s to go to another page. (like in the customization where you have loads of options)

Old one:


New [shouldPaginate: YES]



Thank you! My other error:

Can you tell me what I did wrong?

seems like you have lot of errors, do you have only a few options to choose from?

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What do you mean?

Do you have like a full list to choose from or only a few options?

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Do you mean the choices? (Sorry, I’m really slow today for some odd reason)

Yes, PM me your script. :slight_smile:

I don’t know what’s wrong, and I don’t know how to fix it
Here is the script:
@overlay CREEPYQUINN1 opacity 0 in 0 AND move CREEPYQUINN1 to layer 3
@overlay QUINNEYE1 opacity 0 in 0 AND move QUINNEYE1 to layer 2
@overlay WHITEEYE1 opacity 0 in 0 move WHITEEYE1 to layer 1

Here are the error messages:
The overlay QUINNEYE1 does not exist, did you misspell or delete it? Try reloading to update your catalog

@overlay CREEPYQUINN1 opacity 0 in 0 AND CREEPYQUINN1 moves to layer 3” is not a valid directing command.

@overlay QUINNEYE1 opacity 0 in 0 AND QUINNEYE1 moves to layer 2” is not a valid directing command.

Specify one of “shifts to”, “rotates”, “scales to”, “opacity”, “to layer” for your animation overlay.

(All overlays have been approved)