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Okay this is really dumb and I am sorry but I’m brand new how do I add my own personal backgrounds into the story??

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go to Overlays - click the drop down box on the top left - click overlays: uploaded to YOUR account - click “select image” - select image you want - upload it - then episode will have to allow the image (I personally would upload all that you want to use at once because it can take a long time sometimes)

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umm okay how do i upload to my account then?

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Once Episode approves them then you can use them in your stroy by going to overlays - clicking the drop down box - then scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see them ready to use. To put them into your story is just like using Episodes backgrounds, you copy the bottom text that you labeled the backgrounds and paste it onto a line in your story

okay that makes sense but where do i go to upload said images so episode can approve of them.

thank you both so much!!!


It will reset the look when you’re using the web preview, but don’t worry it will be remembered for the reader, if you not changing anything the look won’t change in the next episode

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Oh thank goodness because I literally have no idea about the if/elif/ else thing :sweat_smile:

Test it on your phone :slight_smile:

Doesn’t show her exiting the room , she just dissapears:

@overlay SCATTER SHOT create

@overlay SCATTER SHOT to layer 4

@overlay SCATTER SHOT opacity 0

@pause for 0.5

@overlay 4723358450843648_SCATTER SHOT shifts to -315 -114 in zone 1
@overlay 4723358450843648_SCATTER SHOT scales to 1.054 1.054

@YOU is stand_up

@YOU walks to spot 0.776 589 181

@overlay SCATTER SHOT opacity 1

@pause for 0.5

@overlay SCATTER SHOT opacity 0

your command looks alright, maybe try to time it?

@YOU walks to spot 0.776 589 181 in 2.0

It didn’t work

I can’t see anything wrong with your code, did you check on the app?

Why would the app be different?

Sometimes the previewer breaks, like rn mine makes my music silent but on the app I can hear it

Worth a try?

Do you by any chance have @remove CHARACTER anywhere in your script? If not, then like Apes said it’s best to look at the app. The portal isn’t always 100% accurate.

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Can anyone tell me why my speechbubble is like that?! It’s been like this for a couple of days and I don’t know if it’s my script or not?