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Can try:


&CHRIS stands upscreen left AND CHRIS faces right

@transition fade in black

@ZACH enters from right to screen right

ZACH (talk_squat_wave)
Hey! What are you getting ready for?

still in the bubble :confused: I wish the forums would let me show a picture

https:// imgur.com /a/bRpdOkc

I think you may have chosen to write in spotlight instead of cinematic, which is why they are in those bubbles. You can not switch from spotlight to cinematic

HOW TO: Spotlight Format :wilted_flower:

I am new here, can you tell me how to put my story on hold?

You can put the word “hold” in your story. So when you go to the main page for your story on Writer’s Portal, where your title is (at the top) write (ON HOLD) next to it. Feel free to write it in your description if you choose not to write it on your title. You can also mention within your story using a NARRATOR’s message.

In order to make sure people people don’t read your story, you can try 2 things.

  1. Loop it (so have a message replaying)

label LOOP

This story is on hold. You can’t read it.

goto LOOP

Read more about gotos and labels: HOW TO: Labels and Gotos 🖤


You can password lock it, check out this thread: A Guide to Typed-in Choices

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask :rose:

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Hey if any of you can help, it would be great so this is my background pv1_back_INT__PHILADELPHIA_TIMES_OFFICE___DAY
and I want my character to be sitting behind the desk on the chair how do I do that?
This is the code I am using

@zoom reset
@zoom on 160 284 to 100% in 0
@overlay 5226399098273792_AXELS_DESK shifts to 205 2
@overlay 5226399098273792_AXELS_DESK scales to 1.162 1.162
@pan to zone 1
@cut to zone 1
@ARIA enters from left to screen center
ARIA (talk_agree_happy)
Good Morn-

    ARIA (react_shocked_awe)

@pan to zone 2
@cut to zone 2
@zoom on 160 284 to 100% in 0
@AXEL spot 1.280 287 135
@AXEL moves to layer 3
@ARIA spot 1.280 -160 0
@ARIA moves to layer 3
@AXEL stands screen center in layer 2
@AXEL faces left
@AXEL is idle_armscrossed_shifteyes_loop AND AXEL is idle_sit_anklescrossed_neutral_loop

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@AXEL stands screen center in zone 2 AND AXEL moves to layer -1

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where should I put that in?

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Right under
@ARIA moves to layer 3

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let me try that

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omg it worked thank you so much @SkyM

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Yep :heart:

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does anyone know how to make a split screen background that make one for me? i have the backgrounds that i want to use

you can PM me the backgrounds and I will do it for you :slight_smile:

Thank you!!!

Hi… Does anyone know if the script templates you use to do the customize for characters is upto date or does it need bits adding on.

Thank you x

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Thank you :smiley:

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How do you make locked choices? Like the reason it’s locked is because they didn’t choose one point in the story.