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Check tinker_kneel_loop or tinker_loop_rear :thinking:


Thank you, I’ll check!

I’m still having trouble with closed bracket
When i go into this the first choice Say Sorry" NICK says NICK (talk_angry_stubborn)
Your apology means nothing to me.
Just get out of my way. He should only say this but then he goes to 2 choice
And goes right into “Tell him off”

You have some nerve to judge me, Sweetheart Why is he saying this in the first choice?

You better watch your words!!
``` can someone please help me 😭 😭

Hey ! It’s been a while since I started Episode but something’s intrigued me. Here is an example of my problem :

@FEMALEAVATAR changes bodyColor into Neutral 04
goto femlcc_neutralskin_z
} “Neutral 05” {
@FEMALEAVATAR changes bodyColor into Neutral 05
goto femlcc_neutralskin_z
} “Neutral 06” {
@FEMALEAVATAR changes bodyColor into Neutral 06

How can I change all the FEMALEAVATAR in an other word ?When I select this word, the others are selected too. But they aren’t changing like the selected word ! Can I get help please :sob: ?
(I don’t know if it’s explained correctly so sorry)

Can you copy and paste your script?

Welcome to the forums @Ischaima :slight_smile:

make sure you do everything step-by-step:

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Thank you ! I didn’t saw it when I was in the site, I’ll be more careful :blush:

I’ve got 2 characters, the MC and her Mom. The MC is fully customizable but at the first moment the reader is asked to customize her I didn’t include the code for her mom to be customized accordingly (i.e. the @ MOM becomes MC) because the mom didn’t appear in that episode.

Now the mom will make an appearance in the latest episode but can I still include that code and will it still work according to how the reader has customized their MC?

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yes :slight_smile: you can still use that code

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Hey, maybe you’ve figured it out by now but I think the problem is that you haven’t restarted the chapter, if you tested the first choice you will gain “run and act casual” and in order to test the second choice you have to use the settings to either restart the chapter or remove “run and act casual” because otherwise it will still be gained so even if you go back and choose the second option you will still have the “run and act casual” gain so when you get to the if/else the if statement will still be true

I’ve tested both the portal and the app and it’s the same thing, I’ve tried with & instead of @ but I’ll try to add the exact same code right twice to see if the second paragraph works

Hello, I have seen some stories in which they make the zoom go from one side to the other side with a type of movement without cutting the zoom to the end. Does anyone know how to do it?

@pan to zone # in 0

Thanks but I have this:
@zoom on 28 296 to 297% in 1
I just need something like that type of movement.
It does like a middle circle until it arrives idk

Change the @ sign into a & and change 1 into 0

Still the same but don’t worry I’ll somehow figure it out

Thanks anyway

Try easing function.


Try to restart your laptop. None of my previews were working and now they do.
Except for the ones where you preview the episode but maybe it’ll help you

Thanks I’ll try it :purple_heart: