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I did both, I know the web one doesn’t work with that command so… (even tho the web one would show it like instead of a name AutoBot and on the next chapter it would show [NAME])

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Did you play episode 1 & 2 back to back?

Like together? yes… on my phone… I don’t know if it would look right on the actual players screen just not mine?

Also, this is what I mean (did on the computer cause it’s easier but otherwise is the same thing)
Again, on the phone “Auto Bot” comes out properly and NAME doesn’t.

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Idk :woman_shrugging:

That’s so weird, this person is having the same problem:



Idk… it really is weird. Anyways thank you and @SkyM lol

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The only solution that I have invented is to ask the reader’s name in each episode

Perhaps I can test your un-published story out as a beta reader and see if it works for me :thinking:

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I published it :sweat_smile:

this is my story link

All right i checked our your first episode. the name shows. i see in the second episode you talked about the unsolved glitch. for me, can you remove the naming input from your second episode, save + publish. I’ll see if as a reader i get this glitch (so remove the naming part from the 2nd ep and I’ll play the second ep and let you know the results I get).

sure check it out now. I only took it out of the second episode though

How do I change the hsl without it fading into it (instanly changed?)

Please how do i get my character to walk behind a desk or bar? thanks

-get a desk overlay-

@overlay DESK create
@overlay DESK opacity 1
@overlay DESK moves to layer 2
@CHARACTER moves to layer 1
@CHARACTER enters from right to screen center

THANK YOU :pray:

When you’re setting up the filter and fill in all of the values, the S should be zero

You can read more here: HOW TO: Using Filter


OK, I’ll check it out now, lol sorry i fell asleep or I would have responded earlier :sweat_smile:


OK, I played your second episode and it worked for me. It showed the name JEM and when Ethan said my name, he said Jem.

A Screenshot

I’ve mentioned this to someone already so I’ll mention it again, a repost of mine:

Sometimes layering doesn’t work when you use normal positions. You’ll then have to use spot directing.


@CHARACTER spot 1.280 X 0 in zone 1 at layer -2

@CHARACTER walks to spot 1.280 160 0

screen center = spot 1.280 160 0

So place the character offscreen to the right as you have them coming from there. Whatever the middle number you get is, put it into X (leave the 1.280 and 0 alone so their height doesn’t change and they walk in to the scene smoothly, in a straight line)

Check out:
Spot Directing: https://www.dara-amarie.com/spot-direction
Overlays: https://www.dara-amarie.com/overlays-guide
Layers: HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers
And: Tip: Conversion between Main Positions to Spots
As well: HOW TO: Place Characters Behind A Desk

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I don’t know how to write this question, but how do I get my choices to line up next to each other?

I think my code would explain it better than I could:

 SILAS (idle_sad_timid_loop)
(what do I say? Jenna is my best friend, and I'm sure she'd get offended if I don't say anything.)

    SILAS (idle_sad_timid_loop)


choice “Say nothing and suck it up” {


    JENNA (idle_armscrossed_angry_loop)
You know, you can't withold your feelings back forever, Silas, one day you're gonna end up exploding over it, emotionally speaking...

    SILAS (idle_argument_angry_loop)
I don't get what's your deal? why do you want to know so bad?

    JENNA (talk_apathetic)
Youre my best friend Silas, I hate to see how much you changed.

    SILAS (talk_argument_angry)
I didn't change. No one else around me has changed. Not you, Not Leo, not me, and definitely not Mike.

choice “say what’s going on at home” {


    JENNA (idle_armscrossed_shifteyes_loop)

    SILAS (deepbreath)
My mom has only been home to get some sleep from working graveyard shifts at the hospital. Last I heard from my dad was a letter, saying he worked odd jobs to keep him afloat.

as you can see, I tried to write a choice in my story, but after assuming that both choices would pop up on the same screen, it immediately gave me a different choice, I’m trying to create the choices, but they keep popping up on a different screen/scene?? help?