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OKAY - I am SO glad that I found this forum.

I’ve been an Episode reader for a couple years, but haven’t read very prolifically.
I have a premise and some main characters for a story idea and have decided to try my hand at creating it for the Episode community!

I jumped in and started working with Ink and realized very quickly that I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing as far as all this Episode-specific programming code :wink:
I am maybe 4 days into bumbling through the official guides. I find them to be terrifically unhelpful as the reference lists for code often don’t have screenshots for what it looks like IN THE WRITER, or the coding examples are too specific.

My current strategy is essentially story-boarding and playing around with characters and writing in the Mobile Editor, then hopping onto my computer and copying and pasting the parts I like from there into my Web Editor version of the story to clean it up.
And it’s nearly unintelligible hahaha and very full of:
#beat starts
#beat ends tags

I’m at the point where I’m slowly beginning to decipher the gobbledygook in the writer screen with what actions and emotions I’ve programmed. I’m beginning to see the pattern of general forms for certain things but I still have no idea what the ACTUAL difference is between the use of the “@”, “&”, “AND”, or “THEN” commands, or how to get someone to move when I want them to in the WEB editor. I’ll think have it one moment, but then I try to do something else, and I get the syntax completely wrong, gnarling my episode into slews of “Errors” and “Warnings”.

I swear I’ve tried to understand the guides, but I’m still lost. So glad to find this beginner’s forum!
I just want to get this story live! haha

Any insights for me on the major TYPES of coding and what symbol to generally use for what type of thing??
Any advice generally for working with Mobile to Web?
Any actual SCREENSHOTS of things going right? (Like how to have the reader input their own name?)

I’m so sorry if this has been covered before… I’m a super noob.

Thanks in advance,
supernoobb AuburnCalluna


yes I have

Sorry can’t delete it hun :confused:

I’ve noticed that lately when you make a choice a blue or pink comment appears on the top of the screen. How do I write that in a script?

Oh that sucks. thank you so much though

You’re not the first to find the guide unhelpful. I would recommend watching YouTube videos for beginners.
Now if you’re looking for advance commands, there are definitely some helpful guides made by users (including myself)

Here they go:

Spot Directing
Zoom Directing
Text Effects
Full Body Zoom
Choice Templates
Sound Fading
Using and Animating Overlays
Point System


YOu are an amazing human being.



They’re called reader messages and this is the command for them:


omg thank you I’ve been searching a lot for them​:sob::sob::sob::sob:


Hi can someone help me, I have an motorcycle overlay that I’m trying to get my character to ride on the highway background but I’m not sure how to do it.

You would have to place your character on the motorbike and upload as an overlay. Like I did. There’s no animations for this yet.
Head on @RudeInception overlay shop and request one, I’m sure she’ll make you something awesome :slight_smile:

💙 Rude’s Overlay Request Shop [CLOSED]

Ok thank you

I have an error. It says my background doesn’t exist but I uploaded the background twice and reloaded like 5 times and it still says it doesn’t exist.

The error most likely is somewhere else. Did you checked if you didn’t misspelled characters name? I had same problem a few days ago.

I’m pretty sure the named choices are only working for the same episodes (at least they weren’t working for me accross other episodes) so I’m using gains everywhere (even if choices are not important still using them, you never know when you may need them :smiley: )
But just to be sure let’s ask @Dara.Amarie

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Named choices can be used across all episodes just like how gains work :blush:


I’m pretty surprised :open_mouth: but it’s good to know :grin:

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Yea haha that’s how we did the branches between choosing Grayson or Ethan in Falling for the Dolan Twins.

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