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Thank you for checking!

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@WolfGamerGirl37 and @Scarlet_Sapphire That makes me extremely happy to hear, we did it guys :heart_eyes: :blob_hearts:


Thank you! I’m happy we figured out what was wrong in the end.


I need help with this overlay its not showing up when it does it disappear is their a timed limited on overlays how can i let it show more
@SAMANTHA spot 0.758 185 249 AND SAMANTHA is hug_rear
@overlay 6160912332750848_HUG shifts to 155 196 in zone 2
@overlay 6160912332750848_HUG scales to 0.334 0.334
@NICK is idle_awkward
Also the web previous sucks I try to let my characters walk and they slide to spot not actually walking i did everything so its no mistakes on my part and also the characters are always idle even though i put @CHARACTER starts idle_sad or @CHARACTER is happy
I can only check on my phone because the web previous goes slow and it doesn’t not work at all

can someone help me out here? I’m trying to figure out how to place characters in an extremely specific place that isn’t the defaults such as Back left back right etc. can someone explain how to do it?

when I tried asking on another thread, they mentioned something about

@spot x y z what does the x y z mean exactly?

I’m sorry if I asked this before

my second question:

How do I add props to characters?

my third question:

How do I not get sound to loop?

when I add phone beeps to a cell phone it loops rapidly until the next scene, idk what I’m doing wrong

this is the code:

@SILAS starts text_phone_neutral_loop

@pause for a beat

music bloop

@SILAS is talk_agree_happy

music off
@transition fade out white in 1


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x y z means…oki I can’t explain it, here is an example
@ELIA is spot 0.820 454 339 AND JAXSON is spot 1.005 560 339

@add Coffee Cup to JAXSON

and to remove:
@remove Coffee Cup from JAXSON

Sound and Music Guide Link

Huge thank you! I was struggling with that but sweet! I appreciate it!

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:thinking: There’s no time limit on overlays, what do you mean it disappears? About how long does it stay before it disappears? If it stays for less than 1 second, that’s probably because the position moves it offscreen. Could you show us the whole code in the area, maybe 5-10 lines before and after?

Yeah, the web previewer is 10x heavier than anyone would expect lmao. :disappointed: But previewing it on your phone works. :+1:

If you have a character walking and doing an animation that doesn’t walk, they’ll slide.

@STELLA enters from left to screen right AND STELLA is idle_sad
^ She’ll slide while frowning. :frowning_face:

To add an animation to walking, I prefer “does it while.”
@STELLA enters from left to screen right AND STELLA does it while run_athletic_neutral_loop
^ Now she’s running while she moves, and stops when she gets there. :+1:

If you’d rather have her to the animation AFTER she stops walking, it’d be:
@STELLA enters from left to screen right THEN STELLA is idle_sad
^ She walks with a neutral expression, and the moment she stops, she does the sad expression.

Also, what do you mean by your characters being idle? They’ll return to idle if they walk somewhere, for example:

@STELLA walks from screen left to screen right AND STELLA does it while run_cry_embarrassed_loop
^ After she gets to screen right, she’ll return to idle again. If you want her to do something immediately when she arrives, you’d put:
@STELLA walks from screen left to screen right AND STELLA does it while run_cry_embarrassed_loop THEN STELLA is cry_sob_sad_loop

If any of this doesn’t address your issues, could you post the part of the code that’s giving the problem, and maybe a screenshot from your phone of what happens? Then I/we can have a look. :+1:

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Okay thanks I screenshot from my phone

The story is ink I’m writing it does this also happened to LL also in the phone it shows them black and white filter which it shouldn’t

Ink and LL have very much the same coding, just different animations. :+1: So the animation names that I just gave may be different, but all the “is” and “THEN” and “does it while” are the same. :slight_smile:

If you had a filter somewhere in the story, once you want to turn it off, you use:
@reset hsl

(hsl stands for hue, saturation, and lightness, everything that makes the filter. :+1: )

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Thank you so much

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Hey I recently made my new cover art for my story, and I’m having trouble with uploading, like it says it’s been approved but when I try to upload it to my story covers it resets the whole process of uploading. Any ideas on what this might be?

Heres my cover:

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Have you tried refeshing the page

Yeah, even tried play testing but it still doesnt show up :confused:

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Have you exited out of the page and then started again?

let me try that then Ill get back to you

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ok, I tried that, but it still doesnt want to upload :confused:

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Is it the right size?

i think so let me check

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