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I need help I don’t know how to fix this error, it keeps saying “unexpected character” and i don’t know how to fix can someone help

Can you show a screenshot of your script where the error occurs or copy + paste it here?

how do i do that?

  1. Well you can take a screenshot (a quick online search will tell you how to take one), put it onto paint, save the image, then post it here.

  2. How to post an image on the forums: Discourse Text Formatting How-to!

You’re missing { + } for your choices.

Check out: HOW TO: Simple Choices


#scene here for truth
#scene here for dare

I keep doing what you said but it still isn’t working can you send me a picture or something?

Here is a video you can check out in regards to simple choices.

P.S Make sure your { + } are correct

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BTW let me know how it goes :+1: :blob_sun:

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Thank you so much your legit a life saver

No problem! :blob_sun:

I have a stupid question : p
So, I played Bloodlust and at the beginning when we do the customization, we can add freckles and at a gem choice we can have a tattoo, but freckles and tattoos are part of an outfit, so the episode team had to create like 4 outfits for every 1 outfit (one without tattoo and freckles, one with tattoo but without freckles, one without tattoo but with freckles, one with tattoos and freckles) or exist a way of ‘adding’ a outfit piece to an character at the script? Like, they created one outfit, but using coding they add pieces based on the readers choices

If someone didn’t understand, please let me know : p

Amber made a topic on this. I hope this is what you meant :blob_sun:

OMG yess!! Thank you! :blob_hearts:

and wow, Amber really put effort in this, its amazing (and a little exausting, but still amazing)

How do you make it look like you are being push again the wall when there is two character??

Does anyone know any good art shops that are still open? I found a list the ones I liked were all closed.

Did you try this post?

Two character pushed or one pushing another?

Yeah, that’s the one.

There’s no other list I think :thinking: you can always check Art Resources and just keep looking for an open one :sweat_smile: