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No problem, I only suggested that as I came across some mistakes :revolving_hearts:

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Yeah, I will changed it thanks :heart:

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Hey I’m looking for help
My preview doesn’t work


It’s an error on the part of the portal. You should send in a ticket!

If your characters aren’t showing up, it could be because of this:

(read through the comments)

If not, I’d wait a while to try again or use a different browser or clear cache.

If the error still persists you can submit a ticket here: https://episodesupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

I’d also recommend to go over your code so there are no directing errors :heart:

So I was reading an episode where instead of a @transition fade out, it was a transition as if a clock was going by and I wanted to do that but I dont know how

Welcome! :wave:

That transition is called iris, there’s iris in and iris out. :+1:

Thank you so much it worked!! (:

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Can someone please help me?

I’m trying to do the dressing game and I am borderline ready to give up :frowning:

Here is what I’m doing and it is saying warning- the ‘changes into’ command is not a valid directing command…


label dressing_game

GRETCHEN (think_rubchin)
(What to wear to meet the girls?)

“Outfit 1”{

@ GRETCHEN walks to upscreen left in zone 3

@ GRETCHEN changes into GRETCHEN_default

“Outfit 2”{

@ GRETCHEN walks to upscreen left in zone 3


“Outfit 3”{

@ GRETCHEN walks to upscreen left in zone 3

@ GRETCHEN changes into @Gretchen_Lounge2


@ GRETCHEN walks to screen center in zone 2

@pause for a beat

@ GRETCHEN (think_rubchin)

(Shall I wear this or try something else?)

choice “Wear this outfit.”{

@ GRETCHEN (idle_headbob_neutral_loop)
(This is perfect!)

“Try something else.”{

goto dressing_game


@ GRETCHEN exits left

Thank you so much! I am doing this in limelight btw.


This isn’t a command. You need to write it this way,
@GRETCHEN is think_rubchin or
GRETCHEN (think_rubchin)
(Shall I wear this outfit?)

This is isn’t a valid command. Write it this way,
GRETCHEN (idle_headbob_neutral_loop)
Perfect l.

How would I do the iris transition as far as format “@iris out white 5” Im really confused because each time I try this transition something’s wrong. Help please

What do you guys do for writer’s block???

@transition iris out white in 5


Thankyou SO much <3

Hey! I need help with a ‘coding’ error on the portal. I wanted to remove an overlay and I used this code -> @overlay OVERLAYNAME clear, but it says it’s an invalid code

I’ve just started writing so this is probably quite easy but I just can’t find an answer on the forum and don’t want to waste too much time on this! I want my child character to run out (exiting left) while being scared, but when I type “@CHARACTER walk to spot 0.850 -55 136 AND CHARACTER does it while walk_scared_offset_loop” it says that’s not a valid command :confused:

Maybe try this:

@CHARACTER walks to spot 0.850 -55 136 in 2 and CHARACTER does it while walk_scared_offset_loop

*you can also change the #2 to something else- the number indicates how many seconds it will take to walk to (in this case) spot 0.850 -55 136

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Just in time! Thank you so much for answering, I actually found out two seconds ago I had forgotten to add the “s” to “walks”, I can’t believe that happened haha

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