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The characters name is Narrator.

You have to delete the script name of your character from all episodes. So, make sure their name is deleted from your script.

Ex. if you have three episodes and a character named JOHN in them but you want to delete JOHN, you’d have to delete the name JOHN from your script (from all three/current episodes)


I’m new and sooooooo confused on how to do overlays or whatever I’m supposed to do when there’s a table. Also is there any specific background that has a table and not just a cluster of them(one that focuses on just one table)???


anybody know how to fix this?

Here’s a thread on layers :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to move her to layer 2. But for some reason it refuses to cooperate.
The overlay is with the wallpaper

I’m still fairly new at this, but I believe it’s to do with the “enters from right” command that defaults the layer to layer 1 and you don’t have her switching layers until the end.

Since you’re using spot directing, here’s what I’d try (you can also add seconds if you’d like to specify after the 0, just put in # where # is the number of seconds and after the pan to zone 1 in #)

@pan to zone 3
@HAZEL spot 1.280 961 0 in zone 3
@HAZEL walks to spot 1.80 960 0 THEN HAZEL moves to layer 2 THEN HAZEL walks to spot 1.280 269 0
@pan to zone 1

You could also just try

@pan to zone 3
@Hazel@HAZEL walks to screen right in zone 1
@HAZEL spot 1.280 269 0 in zone 1 at layer 2
@pan to zone 1

Hope that helps!

Thank you for helping I really appreciate it. It’s been bothering me lately. But it’s still not fixed.

I don’t know why but nothing is working. :sneezing_face:

Yeah I have trouble with layers :cry: I feel your pain. Someone will be able to help you eventually tho :slight_smile:

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@HAZEL spot 1.280 961 0 in zone 1 AND HAZEL moves to layer 2

Try that. If that doesn’t work replace the @ with the & symbol.
Also, if I’m not mistaken the background needs a with or at least you should have
&overlay OVERLAYNAME create - command somewhere in your script. I could be wrong. I never used a default OL

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What overlay? You didn’t put any overlay on the script, unless you’re talking about the overlay, that is included into the background. In that case, there is no way to adjust the build-in overlay of that background. No matter what layer you put, your character and other overlays will always be behind it.

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Ok. So, this might actually be a “stupid” question, but I just think of it as me seeking for some advice. I’m creating my first story, Chess Wars, I’m currently on Episode Two. The only issue is, I’m worried people are going to like the title name and everything, but once they see the amateur coding they’ll leave. I’m not good at understanding things, so the forums and stuff were not that easy for me to understand. What should I do?

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Chess Wars! I can’t believe it, but I also have an idea of chess-related story for Episode. Actually this story was the reason I started writing on Episode.

So I feel you.

What I did: I came up with another story, which intended to be as simple as it can, so I just can learn coding and storytelling process with it. And it worked perfectly for me. My code became better and better from chapter to chapter. You just need to write to understand more of it. And if you came up with chess story idea (so I assume you can play chess pretty well), then you will understand advanced coding very soon. So my advise is try creating something small and simple first?

Thank you! I guess it won’t be too hard, I am great at plotting, just terrible at coding! But, this gives me hope that I’ll get better with time. So, thank you!

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Feel free to send me the link for you story when you publish! I’d love to read it

May I please have your Insta? I would love to post this on my completely empty Instagram, lmao!

strange error


#To prevent any errors, the even numbers are male and the uneven numbers are female!

&ANGEL5 spot 0.551 162 322 in zone 1 AND ANGEL5 faces left AND ANGEL5 is kiss_passionate_loop_rear AND ANGEL5 moves to layer 3
&BACKGROUND11 spot 0.542 194 326 in zone 1 AND BACKGROUND11 faces left AND BACKGROUND11 is kiss_passionate_loop AND BACKGROUND11 moves to layer 2
&DOCTOR spot 1.127 44 68 in zone 1 AND DOCTOR faces left AND DOCTOR is dance_club_loop AND DOCTOR moves to layer 9 AND DOCTOR changes into BGG2_default
&ANGEL spot 0.795 232 227 in zone 1 AND ANGEL faces left AND ANGEL is talk_phone_excited_loop AND ANGEL moves to layer 4
&BACKGROUND33 spot 0.857 130 195 in zone 1 AND BACKGROUND33 faces left AND BACKGROUND33 is dance_groove_loop AND BACKGROUND33 moves to layer 6
&WOLF spot 0.587 82 441 in zone 1 AND WOLF faces left AND WOLF is dance_disco_loop AND WOLF moves to layer 1
&BACKGROUND13 spot 1.002 288 132 in zone 1 AND BACKGROUND13 faces left AND BACKGROUND13 is play_airguitar_loop AND BACKGROUND13 moves to layer 8