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I’m new to writing, how do you make a tappable dressing game

Resources that will help you:

You can check out more tutorials here:

Here’s a tappable dressing game you can use:

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ok thank you so much

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I noticed there wasn’t a night background for INT. KITCHEN CLASSIC LUXURY - DAY:

So I decided to make one. Feel free to use it:

I also made an overlay to go with it. (Since the is cut out from the picture you don’t have to scale or move it.)

Incase you decide to use it don’t worry about giving credit. :slightly_smiling_face:


I dont know how to make a correct sentence and do it in the correct way for an example.
@ALLI enters from left to screen center in zone 3 AND ALLI layer 2

Can you tell me what I did wrong and how I can make that all right please… I am on my first story and the whole advanced stuff is so hard for me. My brain functions slower then the average brain. I was in learning support. But this is something I really want to share my own stories and have people enjoy them.

How do I do
@ALLI spot # faces right in zone 1 layer 2

@follow ALLI

How do I follow myself. And why does my character always end up walking backwards? And if I put,
@ALLI is idlewounded
or ALLI is scream
Or any emotion at all it never works it just skips it and the emotion would not happen. Like if i want someones face to just change to angry or sad or happy. And if i want someone to keep facing left and right cause im looking at two people or looking around left and right… Or how do i keep walking the right way when i put
@ ALLI walks to spot # zone # and layer#. Or if im nervous and want to pace around. Im so stressed i cant get it nothing can help. Please help me. With everything and everything i just said and tell me exactly how to do everything in the correct order and sentence and order please explain everything so I can actually start writing. Nothing ever helped me not even tutorials or anything. I just want to know how to do everything the right way and correctly. Please help. I really need it alot.

You can’t use “in zone #” with the enters command. You can’t use “follow” with spot direction.

Examples of what you can do:

@cut to zone 3
@CHARACTER enters from left to screen center AND CHARACTER moves to layer 2

Having them face a direction:

Spot direction (placing a character in the scene, example):

@CHARACTER spot 1.280 50 0 in zone 2 at layer 3 AND CHARACTER faces right

Spot direction (having a character walk, example):

@CHARACTER walks to spot 1.280 160 0 in zone 2 in 3 AND CHARACTER does it while run_jog AND CHARACTER moves to layer 3

Can check out:



Hiya! :wave: No worries, we all start somewhere.

The computer doesn’t allow “enters … in zone 3”. The character will automatically enter in whatever zone the camera is facing.

If you’re in zone 3, instead write:

@ALLI enters from left to screen center AND ALLI moves to layer 2

Just correcting the wording on a few of these:

@ALLI spot # in zone 1 at layer 2 AND ALLI faces right

^ To find the (#) you use the spot helper in the writer’s portal, but if that’s too hard, you could just use screen positions instead:

@ALLI stands screen center in zone 1 AND ALLI moves to layer 2 AND ALLI faces right

Be sure you spell the animation name exactly perfectly, or it’ll skip it.

You can find the animation names down here, on the right sidebar of the writer’s portal
And you can search for a keyword, like “wounded,” and click on it to put it right into your script.

This should probably do it:
@ALLI faces left
@pause for a beat
@ALLI faces right
@pause for a beat
@ALLI faces left

@ALLI walks to screen left
@ALLI walks to screen right
@ALLI walks to screen left


Thank you so much this is really helpful I took all notes and wrote it all down!! :smiley::smiley:

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How do I change a character’s hair for a certain scene?


Just a warning ^^

If you want it to continue into the next episode, you can create a duplicate character with the same display name, all same features except for the hairstyle (you can do this for a customized character too by using this hack):

Yes, thank you! what would I do to change the character’s lip color? (the examples you gave use the word ‘hair’, so would I just use ‘lips’ or ‘lip color’ or something else?)


@CHAR previews mouthColor Red Deep Gloss

You can read more on the command here and find examples:

So I’m new to the directing side of episode and I’ve been working for months on the first chapter of my first story. I’m currently stuck on one of the last bits of this chapter and i need some help. I’m sorry if this isn’t in the right post, but as I said I’m new and still learning.
If anyone can help me with the if/else part. I want to give the MC the choice to meet the LI earlier in the party and make a good impression or stick with the best friend and meet him later on but I’m not sure how to exactly do this. I may even be going about this completely the wrong way.
If anyone has any advice or anything to help I’d really appreciate it!

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I can help! Do you need a template or just a guide?

Hi! I was wondering, how do you make a character at one spot move to another spot without entering or leaving a scene.

For example if TESSA is spot 1.300% 26 74
And I want TESSA to be on the same scene but on spot 100 392 at 0.711% as the size?

Because no matter what I do I can’t seem to use the snippet correctly and the guides don’t say a thing


#Placing her in the scene (you can add a zone number as well as a layer number):

@TESSA spot 1.300 26 74 AND TESSA faces right

#Making her walk to a spot (you can add a zone number, make her move to a layer and/or an animation):

@TESSA walks to spot 0.711 100 392 in 1.5

I did that and it showed an error

Can you show a screenshot of your script?

How to upload one: