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How can I do that if you don’t mind me asking

Here’s the example game:

Place your character just as normal
@CHARACTER stands screen left AND CHARACTER2 stands screen right
(for a better effect use spot directing to make them larger)

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Thank you

Thanks :blush:

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No problem! :smiley:

You can learn more about it here:

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Ok, I’ll check it out :grinning:

what is that no emotion that a lot of people use in their stories these days. where the person swipes their arm accross

talk_pound_chest ? If you asking about INK :slight_smile:


I just found it…thank you so much though…

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Um in my script I have…

“Daniel” {

    MIA (talk_suggest)

@LEILA is think

@pause for 3

    LEILA (talk_greet)
Um Mia...?

    MIA (talk_exhausted)
Yeah I know I'm just too lazy to walk over there to him...

@MIA faces right

    MIA (talk_call_out)
Daniel!! Over here!!

@MIA walks to screen center

@DANIEL enters from right to screen right

    DANIEL (talk_neutral)
Um... Hi?

    MIA (talk_gesture)
So Daniel... My name is Mia, And welcome to my kingdom! I'm fine to welcome another peasants as long as you don't try anything dumb mkay?

@DANIEL is idle

    MIA (talk_arms_crossed)

    DANIEL (talk_gesture)
Oooookaaaay... thanks for the info...

    DANIEL (talk_airquotes)
Queen Mia...

@MIA is flirt_shy

@DANIEL is flirt_shy

@DANIEL exits right

Gain PICKED_ "Daniel" }

And the error says…

"Picked_ “Daniel”} instead. Did you forget to capitalize the name or close the ( ) around the animation?

how do i show someone lying in a pool of blood in a street

You’d have to use a sleep animation and a blood pool overlay

Maybe try not using a capital “G” for gain?
gain Picked_Daniel }
If not, then I have no clue :joy: :sweat_smile:

Okay I’ll try!

there is no blood pool overlay…also do you know how people show that a character is blusing…where their cheeks become pink

Maybe a custom overlay?
And for the character blushing an overlay too.

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okay. thank you sooooo much but do you know which overlay I could use or where you can get overlays

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I think that worked but now in my script I have…

“Chelsea” {


gain PICKED_“Chelsea”}

"Samuel" {

And the error message is asking me if I forgot to capitalize the first word again
But it still doesn’t work if it’s capitalized

You could get one made, a good place to get custom overlays is 💙 Rude’s Overlay Request Shop [CLOSED] . I would try there :grinning:

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