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Try using only spots.
Instead of putting “enters from right” use a spot. Move you caracter all the way the the right of the screen until you can see them. The code should be something like this:
@CHARACTER spot 1.001 477 110 in zone X
@CHARACTER walks to spot 1.280 286 -9 in zone 1
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&pan to zone # in T
@CHAR walks to spot position in zone # in T

How do you get a person already standing on screen to walk all the way on the other side to talk to someone. And watch then as they are walking. And 2 how can u make them go to doors and enter the doors like houses or anything and 1 more what exactly is layering and shifting and scaling?? Please answer all these 3 questions I really looked it up but I really need to know. And like how to take a run by your self or walk with another character. Please answer all these questions in order and explain it cuz I really need to get it and I need it And etc. I need all the help I can get. I want it really badly. Plz.

And how to lay down. How to do all the hard things like have two people laying in a bed and zoom on them for romance. And then zoom back off. Then make them get up. And How do i have people walk up and down like hall ways. And to a door outside of a home. And enter that door. And make people hug and kiss and 2 make people fight and make them do shooting or stand behind any shelf working. And slow dancing and im not sure what shifting is. It will take alot for me to understand. I never graduated because i was not smart enough i failed everything. I dont want to fail again i want this bad. Plz help and how to follow my character and write and do everything in the exact correct order plz.

You can use spot direction. Here’s a helpful post on it:


You can use a zoom and/or a pan to follow them.



Using pan to follow:

You can read more here: HOW TO: Stage Direction

Basic entering and exiting commands here: HOW TO: Enter and Exit Scenes 🧊

Can use overlays:

If you check out the overlays guide linked above, it goes into detail about shifting and scaling.

More info on layers:

This video may help:

And check out:

A bit of script symbols in action:

Laying down codes: 🆕 SPOT CHEAT SHEET: Episode Bed Spots Templates

Video on it:

You can read the zooms post I linked above. Having people get up, there are animations for that.

Having people walk up and down the hallways (the & and then command is good for this and you can use spot direction)


Walking rear animations can help with this: HOW TO: Rear Animations

Thread on it: 💋 HOW TO: Hug and Kiss (Ink & LL)

There are animations you can find for this that exist.


Can use overlays for this (guide linked above)

There are animation for this. Can go over: Follow A Directing Guide for How To's
Shifting is for an overlay (moving it).

It’s mentioned above and in the stage direction article how to.

My recommendations for you:

Here are helpful resources to check out:

@Apes bio (has helpful links in there)

We have helpful directing posts on epyxmagic.

Can check out Joseph Evans tutorials on YouTube and Episodelife is a website that has a lot of helpful resources.

You can do it, good luck and remember practice makes perfect :partying_face: :heart:

Hello! I was wondering how do you put the custom name above the speech bubble? For example, the reader chooses their own name. How can I add their new name above the speech bubble?
Does not work, because NAME is not a character. Please help :frowning:


Hey, I’m [NAME].

Breaking it down:

YOU <---- The Script Name goes here
Hey, I’m [NAME]. <----- The Display Name is NAME

Check out: UNDERSTANDING: Script + Display Names

When you’re naming a character, do it on the app.

Just note that:

Yes, I understand. Thanks for the help! :smile:

Hey, so I’m using the form Spotlight for my story, but I’m running into problems when it comes to actually seeing my characters. For their lines of dialogue, I can only see about half of their faces, if any. Thanks in advance - I’m a new creator, and this thread is great and really helpful!

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Welcome! :grin:

Tough to say without seeing your script, but here are a few basics:

  • Is your camera zoomed in? Maybe an “@zoom reset” at the beginning of the scene may help.
  • Where are your characters standing? If you don’t specify, all characters will swoop in to stand upscreen right, except the character specified as “Main Character,” who will be at upscreen left. They might be a little cut off if they’re standing at a spot, or at screen left or screen right.
  • Are there any overlays in the scene? Maybe they’re obscuring their faces?

If it’s none of those, could you paste in the part of your script with the issue? Then we can have a look. :eyes:

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Hello! Thanks for replying, and for the helpful tips. I’m still not entirely sure what to fix, though, so here’s a portion of my script (in this case, Levi is not showing)
@LEVI enters from right to screen right

&IVY is idle_sad_timid_loop

    LEVI (idle_awkward_scratch_loop)
Hey . . . er, I know you're new here, and, uh, I, uh, heard about what happened, and I just wanted to say, um -

&LEVI is idle_awkward_scratch_loop

    IVY (talk_armscrossed_sad_loop)
Look, I appreciate the gesture and all, but I don't need your sympathy, okay? Just . . . just go, alright? We're not friends.

&IVY is idle_sad_loop

    LEVI (talk_sad_timid_loop)
Er . . . yes, right. Of course. Sorry. Right. I'm gonna . . . uh, I'm gonna go. Okay. Bye.

@LEVI exits right and LEVI does it while walk_sad_loop

&IVY is react_startled_subtle

Thank you again(also sorry if the dialogue seems weird; it connects to another scene which I didn’t include)!

^ If you omit this part entirely, Levi will just swoop in on the right.

Like this in my test story


Is that where you wanted him to stand?

Hey i’m getting a error with this choice here’s the script

        CAMILLE (talk_primp_condescend)
        I'm fabulous as always.
        I have so many model agencies and My mom been busy working at her job.
        ELLA (talk_neutral_arms_crossed)
        What her job fleid?
     CAMILLE (talk_unsure)
     Oh, She a. ( I have to come with a lie.)

choice “A doctor” {
@CODY is listen
@ELLA is idle_happy
@CAMILLE is idle_awkward

    CAMILLE (talk_awkward)
  She a Cardiologists.
    ELLA (talk_excited)
   That's so cool!!
    CODY (talk_think)
   (That's interesting.)

} “Financial accounting” {

@CODY is think

    ELLA (talk_exhausted)
  Wow, I bet her job is hard having to look at numbers and finance is not fun.
    CAMILLE (talk_awkward)
  (If only you know what I was really going through.)


{" A Software Development."

@CODY starts idle_happy
@ELLA starts listen_gossip
@CAMILLE is idle_awkward

     CAMILLE (talk_awkward)
     Her job is Software Development.
     ELLA (talk_excited)
     Wow, she got some skills.
     CODY (talk_excited)
     That's one talent mommy you got there.

@ELLA is primp_condescend
@CAMILLE is laugh_chuckle
@pause for a beat
@CAMILLE starts idle_sad
@CODY starts think

          CODY (talk_think)
          (Why is she sad?)

    CAMILLE (talk_sad)
   ( The truth can't come out nobody can know.)


It says Unexpected String: A software Development

You have an extra } there and you don’t need that. Instead write it this way.

“A Software Development” {

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Not really “stupid” , so much as - I don’t speak the language and need a translation.

Does anyone speak italian? If so, can you translate the phrase “After you, Miss.” for me. Please! I will be super appreciative :slight_smile:

How do I make my character’s speech bubble look like a thought bubble? I feel like its a stupid question but oh well, but seriously, someone help me

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Ok thank you so much

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Code it like this:
MC (idle_animation)
( thoughts )

Thanks love!

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