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Hey, does anybody know how to make a bunch of characters draw their guns one after the other?

@add Gun Pistol Black to CHAR1
@add Gun Pistol Black to CHAR2
@add Gun Pistol Black to CHAR3
&CHAR1 is draw_gun_angry AND CHAR2 is draw_gun_angry AND CHAR1 is draw_gun_angry

How do you cut off the start of an animation so you can only see the end because I want my character to do this:


&MC is animation
@pusde for 1
then cut to that character


@MC is animation
then cut to that character

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I tried it but it turned out the same

Check this out.


Does anyone know if there is any camera man animations in limelight?
If anyone get what I mean :grin:

Thank You

Hey so I’m trying to get a character in a zone but it keeps showing warnings/errors i might just be an idiot doing something wrong :joy: , here’s the code: @NOAH enters from left to screen left in zone 2

@cut to zone 2
@NOAH enters from left to screen left

you cannot use in zone # where # is a number with the enters command

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Oh i didn’t know haha tysm! :sweat_smile:

No problem :disco:

Thank you!

i need help making the outfits in my options come up. here is the code i have that isn’t working.

choice (outfit_1)
“custom outfit” {
“Leon Business fashion” { PLAYER changes into outfit business fashion 1
“Atticus comfy” { PLAYER changes into outfit comfy 2
} “Finnigan rocker” { PLAYER changes into outfit Rocker 1

What would you like to wear?

choice (outfit_1)
“Custom Outfit” {
@CHAR changes into CHAR_outfit
“Leon Business Outfit” {
@CHAR changes into CHAR_business
“Atticus comfy” {
@CHAR changes into CHAR_comfy
“Finnigan rocker“ {
@CHAR changes into CHAR_rocker

it didn’t work the character still didn’t change cloths

Can u post a screenshot of what your script is saying now?

Make sure the outfits exist (you created them). They will be written in pink. Also erase line 2014.

thank you so much! i got it to work!