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Everything works until I get to the second guy, then he just is frozen while the first guy is the one who gets customized. It’s really weird. And at the end, all the characters are overlapping.

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 2.13.49 PM
This is what happens. :frowning:

Delete the 2 male avatar templates. Then use:

Male 1:

Male 2:

More CC templates here in order to avoid duplicate labels:

If you post the same template for a character in an episode twice, you will get this error message. You need to use separate templates (for example, for second template you can add a 2 to all the labels and gotos)

If you still need more help, feel free to PM me :heart:

And you also need to remove the character after they’re doing being customized. You can either have them walkoffscreen (my preferred method for this is spot direction) or simply type:

@remove CHAR

*you’d replace CHAR with your character’s name. Also note when you’re customizing characters (giving an option on who to customize) put the template outside of the choice since labels can’t go inside of choices and if/elif/else statements.

Question 1:
How do you get multiple characters to walk onto the screen at the same time?
Question 2:
How do you get characters to already be on the screen when the scene changes?

Hi there, I’m having trouble with overlays.
So basically what i want to do is have my character sleeping and i want a blanket overlay to be over my character but im very stuck with placing my overlay ahaha. So if you could help that would be amazing

Hi! This is what you can do. The blanket will be in the front and the characters will be in the back.

&overlay BLANKET to layer 2
&CHAR moves to layer 1

For more information. Check this thread out.

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I still need help

with what?

with him dissapearing

can i see ur script


@overlay CAR ANGLE VINTAGE create

@overlay CAR ANGLE VINTAGE opacity 1
@overlay CAR ANGLE VINTAGE shifts to -132 168 in zone 1
@overlay CAR ANGLE VINTAGE scales to 0.280 0.280
@overlay CAR ANGLE VINTAGE moves to layer 1

@NIX spot 0.290 46 402 in zone 1
@NIX moves to layer 0
@NIX faces right

&NIX is sit

@overlay CAR ANGLE VINTAGE shifts to 351 154 in zone 1 in 0.5

@pause for 1.5

@NIX is run_fall

@NIX is lay_awake_fidget

@NIX is stand_up

so whats the error?

he dissapears for a couple of secs

I have a problem, two of these characters aren’t moving, and I don’t know why.

Here is the script,
&zoom reset
@cut to zone 2 AND zoom on 571 333 to 450% in 0
@CINDY spot 0.443 238 375 in zone 2 AND CINDY moves to layer 1 AND CINDY faces left AND SG1 spot 0.479 64 361 in zone 2
@SG2 spot 0.479 71 362 in zone 2 AND SG2 moves to layer 2
@SG1 spot 0.479 74 364 in zone 2 AND SG1 moves to layer 3
@SG1 faces right AND SG2 faces right

@CINDY walks to spot 0.443 191 368 in 3 AND zoom on 516 323 to 450% in 3
@SG1 walks to spot 0.479 7 363 in 0.2 AND SG2 does it while run_neutral AND SG2 walks to spot 0.479 7 363 in 0.2 AND SG2 does it while run_neutral AND CINDY is talk_neutral_deny
@pause for 2000

And there is no error message.

Thanks in advance.

i need help with this coding error!

im writing multiple stories with lots of overlapping characters… is there any way to transfer characters or outfits from one story to another?

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no im sorry there isnt a way to do that you would have to do it all over again.

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dang. thats what i thought but still sucks. thanks tho

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I’m giving my readers the choice to customize the mc but I need her mom to change looks, so for example if someone changed the skin color how do I get the mom to change her skin color too?

I don’t actually know how to, but maybe Dara Amarie’s template can help you.

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