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Hello, I was wondering if you can get an episode character to borrow another characters jacket?

I think you’d have to do a whole new outfit for that, if it is a male that gives it to a female it is possible that the jacket isn’t available for female characters.

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dang, i was hoping that you could get the character to like hand the jacket to the other person

I think you could work with overlays, but you’d have to find an overlay that looks similar to the jacket.

Oh jeez i don’t even have the slightest idea how to work with overlays.

Here is a tutorial:

But I’m not sure that this scene would be easy if you’re new to overlays. You could also see if you find jackets in the catalog that look similar

You could also use the jacket Patches Hoodie Cotton Grey Warm as some kind of jacket with some logo on it, since it is available for both genders

Does anyone have an overlay for the bar counter for INT. NIGHTCLUB BAR - NIGHT ? I don’t really know how to make overlays from backgrounds myself so I was hoping someone else already has one?

You can find one here:


Thank you!! much appreciated !

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thank you so much

So sorry to bother you once again but I’m kind of stuck. If you don’t mind can you screenshot your description of your story so I can get an idea of how that looks?

I don’t fully understand, English isn’t my first language :sweat_smile:

Can you now access your first episode?

Yes, but I don’t know how the description suppose to look

Yes ma’am thank you so much :heart: :heart:

Hi, I’m having trouble with letting the character exit while walking the characters turn big?

I set them offscreen

&CASEY spot 0.641 480 261 in zone 2 AND CASEY moves to layer 3

&CELESTIA spot 0.650 444 322 in zone 2 AND CELESTIA moves to layer 2

@CASEY walks to spot 0.641 271 386 in 0 AND CASEY moves to layer 3 AND CASEY does it while walk_neutral AND CASEY faces right
&CASEY exits right

@CELESTIA walks to spot 0.650 202 378 in 0 AND CELESTIA moves to layer 2 AND CELESTIA does it while walk_neutral AND CELESTIA faces right
&CELESTIA exits right

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I think you have to let them walk to a spot offscreen because when you just put exit right or left they get bigger. I usually spot place them by using the same coordinates in another zone.

@CHARACTER walks to spot ___in zone 3

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oh okay thank you :slight_smile:

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Correct :grinning:

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Can same labels be used in two different chapters without consequences or do I have to create a new unique label everytime?