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Brackets :thinking:

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you put an & instead of an @ on one of the lines, for example,
&overlay BLAH is … in 2
@/overlay BLAH rotates … in 2

also dont include the / i just had to put it there to avoid tagging someone lol

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Hi, I was wondering how you get a character to get out of bed.

Hi! i hope yall can help me. I get this error code on my script after writing the gains per choice, it says something like "The { on line 2163 does not have a matching } )
this is my script

(this is line 2163) choice “1 - 3” {

readerMessage Lian -1

    ASH (walk_talk_neutral_loop)
Between 1 - 3 absolutely
He's not so cool.

@ASH starts walk_angry_loop

    LEI (walk_talk_neutral_loop)
Haha, guess he ain't.

@LIAN -1
gain 1 - 3
readerMessage Lian isn’t happy about this but-- |bold| YOU MADE AN IMPRESSION!

“4 - 6” {

readerMessage Lian +1

    ASH (walk_talk_neutral_loop)
Hmm, maybe he's just pissed off.

@ASH starts walk_sad_loop

    LEI (walk_talk_neutral_loop)
So new of you.
I guess he ain't that bad tho.

@LIAN +1

gain 4 - 6

readerMessage Lian thinks you’re cool enough to understand.

} “7 - 9” {

readerMessage Lian +2
ASH (walk_talk_neutral_loop)
It’s cool, i’m fine now.
I guess he’s close to fine.
BUT i’m still annoyed of how he didn’t say sorry.

@ASH starts walk_neutral_loop

    LEI (walk_talk_happy_loop)
Hmm, he's handsome anyway.
He's fine.

@LIAN +2

gain 7 - 9

readerMessage Lian thinks you’re nice

} “Perfect 10” {

readerMessage Lian -2
ASH (walk_talk_happy_loop)
He’s really handsome tho…
And charming…

    LEI (walk_talk_neutral_loop)
Take it easy!
He still did not say sorry.

@LIAN -2
gain Perfect 10
readerMessage Lian thinks you’re too ambitious and easy to get.

i think you can just use @CHARACTER is transition_sit_to_stand

thats what i do.

go to this link you’ll find templates

Thank you so much!

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Have you tried using a label at the end of each choice to go to the same scene ending? You could also try adding another bracket.

Add another } below it. See if that works.

oh man, i’ve been fading music for so long now, i forgot there was such thing as “music off” LMAO

Hi, so I am planning for my main character to go by a different name later in the story in order to hide her identity.
Is there a way to let readers choose her fake name, but in reality her name is something else? Sorry if that doesn’t make sense… But if you can make sense out of my rambling, help is appreciated!


1.) Create two characters. Both having the same facial features. Maybe call one of them MC and name other one the “real” name. For this example, I’ll call that person REALNAME.

2.) Make a reader typed-in choice name to attach to the MC, like so:
input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (MC)

3.) Later, when you’re doing the reveal —
@REALNAME becomes MC

The MC will change their name to REALNAME, and then you’ll be able to use the REALNAME
character moving forward with your story.

Actually, you don’t even need to customize REALNAME. Since you’re already changing the REALNAME character to look exactly like the MC later with @REALNAME becomes MC. :sweat_smile:

For the second @overlay try changing the seconds from 0 to 0.1

@overlay POLICE SIREN LIGHTS’ opacity 1 in 0.1

You can keep changing that value to be a fraction of a second, until something pops up :woman_shrugging:

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Is there any animations where the character dislikes the food/and or drink??




i fixed it, my mistake is putting dashes, gains dont accept any other characters. So i changed every choice name. Thanks for the effort tho!

After you put in a customization template does it have to be branched off like normal choice???

This does not wanna work. I want my character to (eyeroll_subtle) before the screen fades out and move on to the next background screen. I´ve also had a lot of trouble understanding how to be able to have a character do different “behaviors” after each other without talking in between. But every time i try i just get the error : you can´t have one character immediately following another

It’s not working properly because the format you have the animation in is used for text. In this case you’d want to use:

&SELENA starts eyeroll_subtle
@pause for a beat
@transition fade out black in 1

Also on lines 291 and 293
Instead of repeating @pause for a beat you could just do, @pause for # (the amount of seconds you want it to pause for)

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Regarding different animations after one another,
You’d typically put pauses in between to allow animations to play and finish such as:

&CHARACTER starts animation_name_here
@pause for # (however long you want the animation to last, I think most are around 3 but you can time it or finish it early to start another one right after)
&CHARACTER starts animation_name_here
@pause for #

Instead of the & symbol you could also use the @ but understand that if you use an @ that command will work first and finish before the next ones that follow such as if you want your character to laugh first and then start speaking you would do something like:
@CHAR starts laugh_giggle
@pause for 2
CHAR (talk_deny_neutral)
Blah blah.

If you use & then that command will start along with whatever else follows after it. This is typically used when people want characters to do things while something else is happening so say I wanted a character to react as my main character is speaking then I would do
&CHAR2 starts laugh_giggle
CHAR1 (talk_happy)
Blah blah

Or situations where you want background characters to be doing animations while your main ones are talking you would just do
&BGCHARACTERNAME starts animation_name
CHAR (talk_repulsed)
Blah blah

&BGCHARACTERNAME walks to spot # # in zone 1 in 3
CHAR (talk_repulsed)

Keep the difference in mind between using @ and & as I also see a lot of people struggle with it or not knowing that & exists. :slightly_smiling_face:

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