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hi! so i’m SUPER new here (like as in just started trying to figure this whole ‘directing’ thing out like half an hour ago and not sure if im even posting in the right place), so sorry if this is astrological levels dumb but

i’m so confused abt character customization and naming. do i have to make a character first and call it something like ‘default 1’ or do i call it ‘name’? how do i know which character is being customized and which character is being named? what if i want to have more than one character being customized/named? aaaaa please help me

You have to move the girl one layer up ahead of the layer that the overlay is in. So press show helpers, go to spot directing, tap on the character and change her layer so that she is in front, then copy it into your script. Sorry for answering so late i didn’t get a notification.

Question: Does anyone have a suggestion for coding for a “Recap” before an episode starts? I’m unsure as to whether I should start putting them in. As a reader, I hate them, because I always remember what has happened in a story I’m reading, even if it’s been a few weeks since an update. But, with everything going on, my story which I thought would be done in January, I’m still writing (not even close to done) in now late April… As a reader, I hate having to skip past them, but as a writer, I think it may help my readers and/or encourage more people to continue reading since it takes a while in between updates. Suggestions?? I’m not sure how people even code it. It seems like they just copy and paste bits of the story, but I mean like I don’t even know how to add the choice of “recap?” or “no recap”. Is It just as simple as what I think it is?

Choice " recap" {


“no recap” {


And everything in the recap is basically copy and paste from previous episodes?

Your character’s script name can be anything but if you want the readers to type their own names, change the display name to NAME and type this after the CC:

input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (NAME)

As for CC templates you can find some here by the talented Dara

Thanks so much!!! Would ‘name1’ ‘name2’ ‘name3’ etc work?

Also is it complicated to have the reader choose their gender/love interest’s gender?

Yes as long as the words between the brackets match the display name:

input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (NAME)

It can be achieved with labels, though you’ll have to make alternative outfits and might need to double-check on directing since the body sizes are different and affects some animations such as hugging

Thank you so much :blush:

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One more thing, how do you make a character move sitting on the wheelchair?

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Like moving while seated?

@CHAR walks to _____ and CHAR does it while idle_sit_neutral_loop

im using an wheelchair overlay does it work with overlays too

Yes, just direct them together from the initial position then the final position, then have give them both the same duration, if that makes sense

Like spot direct?? I don’t understand. Can you give me a example

&overlay spot X Y
@CHAR spot X Y and CHAR is seated

&overlay shifts to X Y in 5
@CHAR walks to spot X Y in 5 and CHAR does it while seated


You have to cut them out after you screenshot them on the portal using a background eraser app. After you erase the background, you can place the character in a background (I use the app photolayers) and then edit it.

does it work with other animations as well

hi how do I make a character perform an animation while sitting on a wheelchair overlay

Hi, I feel stupid for asking but someone help me with coding slow dancing?

@MILANA KATRINA VOLKOV walks to spot 1.280 204 0 in zone 2 AND VIKTOR ALEXEI VOLKOV walks to spot 1.280 126 0 in zone 2

@MILANA KATRINA VOLKOV spot 1.280 204 0 in zone 1 at layer 1

@VIKTOR ALEXEI VOLKOV spot 1.280 126 0 in zone 1 at layer 0

@VIKTOR ALEXEI VOLKOV is talk_dance_slow_neutral_loop AND MILANA KATRINA VOLKOV is talk_dance_slow_neutral_loop
VIKTOR ALEXEI VOLKOV (talk_dance_slow_neutral_loop)

for some reason i cant get it? help would be GREATLY appreciated

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