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Yay!! Thank you that fixed it now it don’t look funky lol!! Just gotta add some choices for clothing hopefully :crossed_fingers: and I’ll be on to my next scene yay!!! If I can get ur opinion I was gonna go straight to the office and mention the drive then but would it be more interesting if I put them in an overlay on the freeway to the cafe (for them to either go in and order or her wait in car either one haven’t decided yet) instead that way I can maybe introduce Vinny a little bit or maybe their relationship?

I think the second option sounds better but it’s up to you :grinning:

Okay, I still don’t get choices. What do I need to do when the error message says: Expected CHARACTER or SCENE change Found ””Don’t ask”” instead did you forget to CAPITALIZE the name, or close the ( ) around the animation?

You probably have background without anything after it or character name without a dialogue.

Can you post a screenshot?

Hai! Just wondering, does anyone know the command to make a character disappear from the screen? I’m just really stumped XD


Aha, thank you!

Back again XD, just a question, if you delete a character thats already in the script, will it delete them from the script? / Can you change for eg. a character’s name halfway through a story, will they only have that hairstyle from then on or for the rest of the script you already wrote?

You can’t delete the character if their name is in script somewhere. You have to change the name in the script to do that and yes the feature will change once you update your story unless you use changes into in the script (then it will change when you put it)

Ahhh…ok, thanks.

thanks for your opinion! is there any templates for a dressing game? i completely suck at choices no doubt its hard to understand the whole branch process?

Simple dressing game

Dressing game with gains

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thank you. so with both of them do i label the choice of outfit to what i have in mind right? and change it throughout for example where it says outfit_! i was going to wear casual denim so put that in its place everywhere? whats the difference between the 2 templates?

Yes, you can change the label to your own if you want and replace the names of outfits to your own. The difference between them that the second one contains gains so you can bring it up the choice that reader made in later episodes.

ok i think i get it but how would you do that exactly?? thanks

so that would be like a wedding dress choice or date choice that you do in store and then bring up later on?

Yes, exactly :slight_smile:

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okay gotcha lol thank you!!

@Apes i remember a while back you had told me or @RudeInception one had told me about this place i can get more backgrounds and i don’t think i bookmarked it and cant find it is there anyway you can refresh memory on how or where i can do that? i need some backgrounds from the city part and country part of NC and episode don’t have the one i’m looking for but if i have to i will use it. also once i find it how do i ask for their approval on them?

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Check for sure Episode Life

Also, check the Instagram accounts

Any Instagram accounts that offer free backgrounds?
Instagram Accounts for backgrounds edits

When you upload one, you can start working with it immediately but it will come up as a warning until its get approved.

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