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Can you write & publish stories on a chrome book?

You definitely should be able to since google chrome is the best browser for this specific website.


How do people use timed emotions? coz everytime i do it it shows up as an error, and i cat find any tutorials on it

You can’t time the emotions. One thing is you can do is short it a bit for example using a short pause.

For example:
@CHARACTER starts eyeroll
@pause for 0.4
&CHARACTER starts disappointed

&CHARACTER is punch_jab
@pause for 0.5
&CHARACTER is punch_jab
@pause for 0.5

or use THEN command

&CHARACTER starts talk_phone_angry_loop and pause for 0.5 then CHARACTER starts talk_phone_sad_loop and pause for 0.5

Can someone teach how to make the camera follow a character in a different zone and in a different spot?

&APRIL spot 1.252 38 -198 AND APRIL faces right AND APRIL is text_phone_neutral_loop AND MUM spot 1.250 173 -192 AND MUM faces right AND MUM is talk_neutral

Do you know that 1 line customization template? The one that looks like the mobile creation one?

@CHARACTER goes to character avatar

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Thank you so much!

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How do you bring up that little “top bubble” (not talking about a regular dialogue bubble)?

To be more specific, authors use them when crediting overlays/backgrounds?


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How do you get your characters to sit in a car overlay that you created

thank you bunches :grinning: :smile:

thank you, this helped a lot!

Use layers and spot directing


what did i do wrong? i have re wrote it i dont know how many times is it because she is sitting neutral talking in car at beginning of scene?

@apes i used some of your car example with the template on episode life to get it started just replaced names and scene

15th attempt to fix nothing works :tired_face: so im gonna give it a brainrest for the night lol, maybe something will come thru in the am!

thank you @brvnda that working so far lol until next mess up… now i know why i didnt want to use computer jk :smile:

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