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Question: can I publish even if I only have one episode?

Thank you

You need a minimum of 3 episodes to publish

Does anyone know where I can get a blanket or duvet overlay for my story, my character looks cold when she is laying on top of her bed sheets! Can credit anyone, just need a blanket overlay please.

Thank you.

Have a look here :blush:

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Do you know how I would put my overlay in one spot instead of it shifting?

Thank you for the link to the overlays by the way really appreciate it!

Add it to The background

Here’s how:

And no problem :grin:

what does this mean and how do i fix it?

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Usually when I get that message, I have no internet. But it may be something else
It basically means that your script is unable to save

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Hi guys but i have a problem for some reason my character won’t face right even if I type @CHARACTER faces right. What should I do?

Is your character doing a position that is rear?

well i was trying to do the tinker animation but the character is facing left but i need it to face right and yes it is rear

When facing rear you need to put the direction oposite of what you want. So if you want right, write left.
@CHARACTER is rear AND CHARACTER faces left
Vey weird, I know.


oh ok thanks! I’ll try it

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Apes,I’m really confused on were and how to edit my published story on the app.Can you please help me?

Unfortunately you can’t edit your story on the app once you made any changes on the writers portal.

Thanks but I also have this question