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How do I get free gems an! Passes

You can’t. Sorry.

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The only way I can think of is doing those “7 streak” challenges, though it’s a mix of passes and a few gems.

Other than that, nah lol

so, i used a customization template from another author and it keeps saying “error: no eyebrows called Classic Natural exists” and so when i deleted that option it said the exact same thing for the next eyebrow option. ive seen multiple people with this problem but i don’t yet know how to solve it. i’ve tried exiting out of the browser, but that didn’t work. help?

nevermind! i just needed to change the default name to my character’s name.

I feel like this is a really stupid question but i can’t find the story description. How do I add one? or do I add one when it’s published?

Click on More Options and it will have a section where you can add a description:


oh my gosh, thank you so much ! went right over my head.

another quick question is it possible to turn my user avatar from limelight to ink?

I don’t think so. My avatar used to be an Ink character and then it had me change it during an update.

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So I was wondering how to make the bubble that doesn’t have any name on top of it but is still spoken by a character is there a way to do this??

Erase their display name when you are creating the character

Can any body tell me something please? I am writing a story and I am making two of my characters go on a date. The male is going to give the female a necklace and I am doing a choice outfit! How do I make it so that I have the necklace choice with the choice that they chose without being like which choice did you choose before? etc. I hope this makes sense. Thank you!

You need to use gains and create the same outfits with the necklace one

Okay thank you…:blush::blush::slightly_smiling_face:

how do you use gains I’ve never used them before?

Here is a thread that will help you…

Thank you! I really appreciate it.

I don’t what is this portal’s problem is it just keeps saying that my instagram handle is not valid and it didn’t let me put any search words in it…
Is this normal??

The instagram handle didn’t work for me either, but I’ve never really tried the search words

Is this happens to everyone??