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Yes, what’s the problem? :slight_smile:

I REALLY need a split screen, and woah your a fast replier.

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Like the split screen for phone calls

We have one the episode, have a look HERE maybe you’ll find something if not maybe go to Resources section and ask someone to make you one?

Am I suppose to connect them or something, I saw that but its confusing?

Maybe you can upload as an overlay? or ask someone if you find ones you want to connect them for you? Because I’m not that good at this :smiley:

Um…okay i guess

Just use the images in the link that @Apes provided you with. They are meant to be overlays that fit have the screen of a zone.

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Yeah but Im saying what If I want the both connected as 1 image not as two different ones just as one.

Nevermind I read what ta do sorry lol

why does it say that the directing commands i’m using are invalid.

Can you post your script? If it’s invalid means something is wrong

What’s the command you are using?

im using different commands but they all say invalid with the caution sign

no I cant publish it

To know where is the problem I need to see the script. If you want you can PM me.

how do I do that? ive read episode before but im new to the writing part

Just copy the part of the script what gives you an error and comment here.

@LONDON (eyeroll)
@TALIN (laugh_chuckle)
@LONDON exits left
@TALIN exits left

@TALIN (run_jog)
@TALIN (run_fall)