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For INK there is eyes_closed.

Thanks and can you make a character slide offscreen instead of walk?

@CHARACTER exits right/left AND CHARACTER is idle (or any other action you want)

For some reason I can’t test the music/sound when writing the script. Do you guys know any solutions?I’ve tried turning the volume up and it still doesn’t work.

Hmm that’s weird. Did you checked on both the phone and web? Only thing I can advise you is to send a support ticket or someone else can have other ideas @Purple_Ghost maybe :thinking:

Are you testing it on your desktop or on your story directly?

Is it possible for two characters to speak at once? I tried to use the NARRATOR (CHARACTER1 AND CHARACTER2), but that didn’t work either. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Unfortunately it’s not possible.

What I would do is that if both characters are saying the same thing then just write it on a NARRATOR bubble labeled “BOTH” and have both characters do a talk behavior at the same time

Smart! Thanks!



What browser are you using?


That’s so weird. Try switching browsers if not test it out in your story directly and see if that works.


Both my music and sound are currently working on the web previewer. Did you perhaps use the music and sound volume reducers at some point? I’m assuming you are not getting an error message.

Sometimes the browser you use will make a difference. Google Chrome is the one you want to use. If you are using Google Chrome and closing the tabs did not fix the sound, try clearing the cache in the settings.

If none of these ideas helped, I would also suggest possibly submitting a support ticket. As a temporary solution, I would just use the app to test the sound and music.

I actually had that’s same problem! I just went off my story (don’t forget to save) reloaded the page, and went back on. It should work now.

Hi! does anyone know how I can make a charecter walk somewhere and make it talk at the same time?

@CHARACTER is walk_talk_happy for INK
@CHARACTER is walk_talk_box_neutral_loop ; walk_talk_happy_loop ; walk_talk_neutral_loop for LIMELIGHT

@CHARACTER stands screen center AND CHARACTER is walk_offset
CHARACTER (walk_talk_happy)

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Thanks! :smiley: