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Can you take a look and tell me what’s wrong. I’m trying to do a dressing game but it says this instead…

You can’t have labels inside the choice. Is this dressing game is inside the choice?

Yeah it’s inside the choice

You need to place it outside the choice.

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Ok thanks :slight_smile:

If it’s a condition of the choice just put the goto inside the choice and make a label for this option and other one and add dressing game

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I need help i tried everything

You need a starting bracket after the choice {

Ohhhhhh… I feel stupid now… But thanks for the help :grin:

It’s ok! Sometimes I’m staring at my script as well and I can’t see a mistake I made :joy:

tysm <3

Why is my overlay opacity not working? I want the overlay to disappear, here is my script:
@zoom reset
&overlay 5256300612681728_ZONE3 shifts to -34 176
&overlay 5256300612681728_ZONE3 scales to 1.176 1.176
&overlay ZONE3 moves to layer 0
&LIAM moves to layer 6
&LIAM spot 1.010 -42 212
&LIAM walks to spot 1.010 121 239 in 2 THEN LIAM is bow
@pause for 3
&LIAM is rear
@pause for a beat
&zoom on 127 323 to 218% in 3
&LIAM walks to spot 1.010 -8 239 in 3 AND LIAM does it while rear
@pause for 3
&overlay ZONE3 opacity 0 in 3
@pause for 3

Did you test it on the app?

edit: just tested it after updating my script its working on my phone lol but not on my computer

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Did you find one?
I need a zoomed up version.
@saige had one of them in a zoomed up version.

you can also cut the background to the part you want and upload to the portal

Is there a way to add multiple overlays in one scene?

Yes :slight_smile:

More about overlays:

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Hey, I’m just wondering, how to you make a character walk from lets say Zone 1 to Zone 2? Like @CHARACTER walks …etc. That’s the bit I’m unsure of, the command.