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Happy Birthday, Purple Ghost :birthday::grin::smile:

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Thank you, Apes! :grin: :purple_heart:

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Has anyone used the EXT. KC CAFE - DAY before? The reason I ask is that the overlay for the table is already in place when I didn’t place it there. Is there a way to move it up?

This background is already with an overlay and no you can’t move it anywhere else. :confused:

I went back to that guide that Dara made. She had a Overlay guide and I asked her. I had to make put it like this.

It made the overlay disappear from the background with an error page. Thank you for responding though.

Oh, yes I completely forgot about that! :woman_facepalming:t2:

Lol it’s okay! You did technically help me. I would never have thought to ask Dara, if you hadn’t shown me that guide she made. Thank you!

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How do you give your readers a choice to customize or to not customize? Please HELP!

Do you wish to customise your character?
“Yes” {
goto customisation


goto story_continue


label customisation
#customisation goes here
#at the end

goto story_continue

label story_continue
#story starts here

Thank you! You’re amazing!

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These were just and example labels, remember to rename one for customisation :slight_smile: also make sure you’ve something after the label (like pause, dialogue or scene) otherwise it will come up as an error.

Happy to help! :blush:

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Okay 1 more problem. I used a template for the customization, but an error pops up saying that " No eyebrows called Arched Natural exists".
This is what I have:

What eyebrow shape would you like?

“Arched Natural”{
@ISABELLA changes eyebrows into Arched Natural
goto brows_0

Did you create the character named Isabella?


Ok. Delete the customisation. Save your script. Copy and paste again, change your name then save it. It should solve the problem :slight_smile:

The last “goto story_continue” is an error. It says it’s unexpected, and I’m not sure what to do?

Put something after it like @pause for a beat or whatever you want, like I mentioned above you need something after the label otherwise it will give you an error

It didn’t work.

goto story_continue

@pause for a beat

label story_continue
#story starts here

@pause for a beat

Can you screenshot the error and script?

(I’m not sure how to screenshot on my laptop lol)