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You need something as well after the label customisation

The Arched Natural B.row problem solution didnt work

You added 3 options… I’m pretty sure it’s only supposed to be “Yes” and “No”

change “Option 2” to “No” and then remove the option on the bottom… then try.

No, I was talking about another probllem, that ones been fixed. An error saying that there isn’t an eyebrow called Arched Natural keeps popping up. She gave me a solution yesterday but it didn’t work.

This is what I have:

What eyebrow shape would you like?

“Arched Natural”{
@CHARACTER1 changes eyebrows into Arched Natural
goto brows_0

Did you changed the name of the character? Because yesterday was different

I’ve recopied it a few times and I haven’t yet changed it.

So do you have a character named CHARACTER1 ?

Yea, I created a character named CHARACTER1 temporarily to see if it would work.

Are you using the right style?

I’ll PM you.

how do i make my previous music fade out and play another type of music after? In my script the music piano theme fades out when i actually want music emo guitar to fade out
music music_emo guitar
(I add dialogue here)
volume music 0 3000
&SOFIA is deepbreath
@pause for a beat
volume music 100 1000
&zoom on 363 121 to 366% in 0
music music_pianotheme
For this part of my script the piano theme fades out when I actually want it to continue can you explain how to fix this?


I think it could have to do with your times a little a well as your volume up placement. You need to either shorten the fade out, move it up in the script (to add more stuff between it and the next music), or add more pause time between the fade and next music.

music music_emo guitar
(I add dialogue here)
volume music 0 1000
&SOFIA is deepbreath
@pause for a beat
&zoom on 363 121 to 366% in 0
music music_pianotheme
volume music 100 1000

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thank you its working!

Are you writing in limelight or ink?

If it’s in limelight then use this template: http://www.episodelife.com/2017/10/limelight-female-customize-character.html

If it’s in ink use the template that episode gives you on the portal.

It’s all sorted now :slight_smile:

How do you let readers customize multiple same gender characters in one episode for INK?

Every time I try, it always says there are errors and that there are duplicate lines. How do you fix the duplicate lines?

It’s not working. What should I do?


You need to change FEMTWO to the name of the character you want customized. The error is because the character FEMTWO does not exist in your script.

How do you add overlays onto scenes? Not where you write “EXT.BACKGROUND with AIRPLANE” or anything just like to make it pop up, is it overlay create? Or something, because I’m lost