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I hope so too!

You can lock it by using a simple loop:

label lock
That story is deleted
goto lock

Add this on the beginning of each episode

Oh my Gosh, thank you so much! You literally saved me from my embarrasment. I cannot thank you enough!

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I’m glad I could help :slight_smile:

I need help so Im using a youtube video to create outfit choices, basically ketting the reader choose a outfit for the character. So Im using label 1_1dressinggame. I am constantly getting a message that says this label is never used, something like that. Could you help me @Apes

Here are the templates from Joseph Evans website :slight_smile:



If you want to use one for remembering outfits for future episodes:


hi! I have a problem. I want my character to give an overlay to another character. do you know how I can do that? thank u xoxo

You would have to use a combination of chosen behaviors and overlay animation. Here’s a guide for overlay animation:

I need help, bc I seriously cannot figure out what I did wrong! When I preview the scene, the transition gets messed up. It’s like when you put a pause for a beat before a transition, please help me

Can I you copy and paste the code here please

@Sparkle_Rain you have mom faces right 2 times from what I see you need to take one of if you have 3 take two off. As well you skipped too many lines click line 14 and then click backspace :slight_smile: Hopefully this helps!

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How do I stop my character from going behind my overlay as soon I make it perform an animation? I got all the layers and positions all set. You can see the character and everything but it’s until I want my character to idle_lay_awake_rubeyes_loop, it just disappears behind my overlay. I need help please! :disappointed_relieved:

I’m using a sheet overlay so I could get a “birds-eye” of the bed.

So the character is in horizontal position but the bed background is in vertical position?

Thank you, I didn’t see that. But it still doesn’t work :cry:

@MOM spot 1.280 96 -78 AND MOM faces right AND MOM is talk_gesture AND DAD spot 1.280 237 -87 AND DAD faces left AND DAD is talk_excited

@transition fade in 3
DAD (talk_happy_agree)
Lacey! We were just talking about you!

Try changing that first line to
&MOM spot 1.280 96 -78 AND MOM faces right AND MOM is talk_gesture AND DAD spot 1.280 237 -87 AND DAD faces left AND DAD is talk_excited

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Thank you! It worked

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Woohoo! You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey I’m making stories on my iPad because i don’t have a computer and it is kind of more difficult so does anyone have any tips to make it better? Thank you!

The good thing about recent updates is that now you can actually preview characters and behaviors and sounds. A few years back when I was writing on my iPad, I had to test everything on my app :sob:. But now it’s so much easier.

The thing you’d have trouble with will be the fact that the website won’t allow you to highlight and copy text on an iPad. Sometimes that’s important, for instance, when you want to add a flashback from the last episode or when you want to move a section of your story somewhere else. The only way around that would be to either borrow a computer or retype what you need. With the last option, I suggest using two windows.

Another issue would be scrolling. It’s a bit difficult to scroll up or down the script. This unfortunately has no fix. You’ll just need to be patient.

Also, typing in general isn’t always easy on a tablet. I highly recommend buying a Bluetooth keyboard. I found one for $25 on Amazon. Made my life so much easier.