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Yes, if the background has OL in the title that means it has already automatically an overlay in it :slight_smile: Just have a look and check, you’ll be surprised! :smiley:

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Now you know :grin:

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Thank you, and yes I do know spot directing. Just a little rusty since I haven’t written on episode in a year. Anyways I figured it out so thank you. I just moved my character to 0.701 -70 232. And that worked perfectly. But thank you!!

I feel like I might have read this once before but I can’t find it anymore. Can you upload your own music for sound? Or Is it only the music episode has on hand?

It’s only what episode provides :slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you! That’s what I thought, though I wish we could do it.

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Thank you so much!! I got it now!!

I hope this makes sense, but if someone chooses to wear an outfit (from a dressing game I set up), will it carry over the next episode if the MC doesn’t change outfits afterwards during the episode???

App viewer does answer my question here but need to make sure the published one won’t act different…

Also can someone tell me which animations these are for all 3???

Yes, the outfit will stay the same until you changed it even if it’s the next episode.

Okay perfect!

For sure female character animation is admire

Male characters doing animation flirt_wink but it’s like screenshot it before its finished.

Yeah sorry I know what animation it is but I think I shoulda mentioned that its facing forward than on the usual side lol

Is there a list of looping backgrounds for those OTS shots somewhere here?

Try flirt_wink_forward

What do you mean exactly?

Oh I meant the “forward” animation for admire, like the one in the pic I posted, instead of just the normal one.

Oh welp I meant like, for over the shoulder backgrounds, usually its advanced directing and good shots involve multiple backgrounds. But there are some backgrounds meant for OTS shots. Is there any around here or creators posted to use?

Check Joseph Evan’s site he has a script template and backgrounds for OTS shots.

and I don’t think there’s an forward animation of admire :thinking:

Ah alright thanks! I figured as much, its from the story Fake Love True Love.

Also another question is there a thread where people can perhaps help in making a OTS bsckground? As far as I’m seeing in Evans’ website, its just a matter of angles anf editing?