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Twin??? Oh my God why didn’t I think of that method lol

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@Apes How to make the camera move from the feet to the face of a person or to the right and then to the left?

@Apes move gradually like it the stories, when one person stare at another.

Here’s the guide I made :grin:


When do you use AND and &? Are there different circumstances needed for each? Im so confused :joy::joy:

Read this helpful post :slight_smile: it’s all answered there

AND and & are pretty much the same.
Using AND kind of makes your line longer so “&” can shorten it down.

Thank you so much! x

Thank you! x

Um, so this might sound stupid but I heard that if I can contact you, you can implement my story if its published or something like that. I need urgent help, I have a super embarrasing story that’s published, and I want it…well…gone. Can you help me with that? You would be a lifesaver.

You can’t unfortunately delete your story, but you can hide it in your profile, by clicking on the “eye” button in the right top corner of your story. It will be still there and searchable but it won’t be visible in your profile, also you can lock your episodes if you don’t anyone to read it.

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So, The reason it gave you an error, is because with the { curling bracket at the end, it thinks you wanted to begin another choice. So it thinks you forgot to put the matching } at the end.

How can I lock them?? I just don’t want them to be seen, And I hope episode puts a way to delete published stories.

I hope so too!

You can lock it by using a simple loop:

label lock
That story is deleted
goto lock

Add this on the beginning of each episode

Oh my Gosh, thank you so much! You literally saved me from my embarrasment. I cannot thank you enough!

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I’m glad I could help :slight_smile:

I need help so Im using a youtube video to create outfit choices, basically ketting the reader choose a outfit for the character. So Im using label 1_1dressinggame. I am constantly getting a message that says this label is never used, something like that. Could you help me @Apes

Here are the templates from Joseph Evans website :slight_smile:



If you want to use one for remembering outfits for future episodes: