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Hello I have a problem on my episode app it only shows settings,pride, and home on the left side of the screen and I tried redownloading it several times but it just goes back to the same thing as before and doesn’t let me sign in ,all it does is go to the home screen with the same stories…,please help

change screen 3 to zone 3

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I have a problem with overlay
I want my character to stand behind the counter (bar), nut I don’t know which overlay to use…

hi! How do I make a character run but very very quickly?

Maybe you can try
@CHARACTER is run_jog in 0.5

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Send a support ticket HERE

Use layer 1 for the counter then use layer -1 for the character behind it :slight_smile:

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hello, how do I do if I want a character to have a face of a behavior but in the end, for example, if I want it to have the face of shush behavior but without making the shush just that face, i don’t know if I’m explaining myself well

Hi!! So I am working with a lot of overlays for my animated intro, and I am trying to direct it so two different overlays appear at the same time, but I dont know how. Can anyone help me, please?

Hey! I wanted to test my story on the app but all that comes is TO BE CONTINUED what to do

Did you write anything in your script? Did you click the save button in the writer’s portal? Try resetting your story progress if yes.

&overlay OVERLAY create
@overlay OVERLAY create

You’d have to have the camera somewhere else. For example, zoom in on character2’s face while they’re talking. While they are talking, having character1 do the shush animation. After character2 is done talking you can either zoom on character1’s face or reset the zoom and it’ll show the end of the behavior.

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Thank you, I actually have them in the scene already, just at a clear opacity. I tried to use the & for the second overlay, but it still appears after the first overlay instead of at the same time

Did you have
&overlay OVERLAY1 opacity 1 in 0
@overlay OVERLAY2 opacity 1 in 0?

Yes I just tried that and it worked! Thank you so much!!

Anytime. :dizzy:

Try this :slight_smile:

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did you click maybe on the next episode?

Hi! How would I get my character to go from lying down on the bed to standing up without it looking odd? Thank you x