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Use standing up command and place your character close to bed, so it’s like:

@CHARACTER spot % X Y AND CHARACTER is stand_up AND CHARACTER is yawn_bored

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It says stand_up isn’t a behaviour available for my character? It’s a female in limelight x

Oh never mind I found it on the animations list!

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ok thanks!!!

The problem is I don’t know which counter to use (there are only counters for bakery)
I have a bar scene and I could not find any overlay for bar…

You can download one from uwe.episode, she has an overlay for the bar background, but make sure you give her a credit :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much!

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@Apes and @RudeInception Could you two possibly proof read my story? Apparently, the directing of the characters is stiff and I’m not sure how to make it more smoothly.

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PM me the link to your story :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello, my name’s B612 Resident. And I have multiple questions
First, I’d like to ask all the pros, can I have many copies of the same overlay in the same background, size them and layer them? I know I can have the same overlay in one background but I can’t seem to shift them into different sizes. Also I have to put them in different zones of the same background so they don’t cover each other. Is it possible to put them in one zone only different positions and layers?
And I also want to ask about the names. I created a character named “YOU” to let the readers customise her name and look. But when she talks, the name on the speechbubble still shows “YOU” instead of the name the readers type in. Should I remove the display name or what I should type on in that column?
I’ve also been wondering what all the things are hidden in Ink style. I know there are hidden props and animation. I just learned there’s a hidden move called “shocked” and some hidden props like lipsticks and coffee mugs. I’d like to know if there are more hidden props and animations.

Thank you for taking your time reading and answering my quesiton :blush:

As in where you have a type box with question above such as what do you want to watch? And then the reader types in a film such as Armageddon?

  1. You can have use the same overlay multiple times. Add them on your background and at the same time add the size, position, zone and layer.

BACKGROUND - DAY with OVERLAY to S X Y in Z at L with OVERLAY to S X Y in Z at L

S = size
X = X axis
Y = Y axis
Z = zone
L = layer

Both overlays will be the same but you can choose to put them in a different position or have it at a different size. The layer helps the overlapping issue. Any overlay you want to be all the way at the top has to be the higher number. For example if I want a teddy bear overlay on top of a bed overlay, I would put the bed at layer 0 and the teddy bear at layer 1.

Here’s a guide on layers:

Now even though you can use one overlay multiple times by adding them onto the background, you cannot animate. As in you can’t shift them, scale them, change their opacity, etc.

  1. You need to change the display name to your answer.


input What’s Your First Name?|What’s Your First Name?|Done(NAME)

Then in character settings you would change the character’a display name to: NAME

That should make the speechbubble name whatever name the reader typed in.

  1. Here’s a list of hidden items:

Yes, here’s a guide on type in choices:

Actually, there’s a new way to make multiple overlays. I still didn’t get the grasp of it but here’s the donacode:

@overlay OVERLAY_1 create from OVERLAYNAME
@overlay OVERLAY_2 create from OVERLAYNAME

  • Your overlay must be uploaded to have a copy of it.
  • Once the copy is made, they can be referenced with the new name, and do anything a normal overlay can.

Thank you! I’ve been wondering these for so long!

Thank you I did it once before and then I couldn’t remember thank you again.

@RudeInception im trying to use it to make them walk, run at times, pretty much everything but it is so confusing to me.
and on different note lets say i have one character crying/sobbing and i need another character to hold her and comfort her what is the best way or commands to do so thanks. cause somedays i am stuck writing partial in app and transferring to portal when i get time to do my tweeks and edits

lastly how do you make your story bubbles different colors like other than the default i know you can just dont remember where to look for the answer lol

Just go to the episode writer portal and underneath where it says : work on your story, one of the blue buttons say “speech bubbles”. When you click on it, you can change the colour/style of the bubbles. Hope this helps!

Ok thanks I’ll try that. I thought you had to start a new story and name it something but that seems easier!

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