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:scream::scream::scream: pm this info!

I’m gonna send you a top secret file now :joy:

  1. So if you want to make a character run, you use a walking command and then add the running behavior into the code:

@CHAR walks to screen _____ in zone ___ AND CHAR is run_behavior

Obviously run_behavior isn’t a thing but that’s where you’d add the name of the behavior.

  1. Are you familiar with spot directing or no?
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I have a question… how do you do spot directing? Like I know the code, but I don’t understand how the numbers represent a space on the screen and how to put in the correct number coz they’re all like 09.6374839 (so it’s really confusing lol :joy:)

The first number (usually #.###) is the size of the character. Or, the scale.
The second number (usually from ## to ###) is the space (across, or horizontal) across the screen.
The third number (usually ## to ###) is the height of the character.
So the size goes first, then the space across the screen, then the height
Hope this helps :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh jeez I’m even more confused. I bet that made perfect sense, but I’m just a moron anyway lmao

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How do I know what the height of my character is?

No I’ve been reading your post about it but i just can’t seem to comprehend it very well and suck at it severely. How do it make someone hold someone else while sobbing in the portal? For some reason it asks for xyz stuff when i try??

You’re not a moron, I just make things overly complicated most of the time :joy:
You can find all of the numbers on the previewer, or on the app.
If you go to the Spot Helper, then get it to the character that you want (the ‘change character’ button), then you can move the character, find the perfect spot, and put it in the code. Hope that’s not confusing again :laughing:


That seems more comprehendable! Would this be on the page where you code (on the laptop) or on your phone when you preview it?

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Either :blush:

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Glad I could help :grinning:

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Yeh, that’s why I asked. No worries. Let’s do it the easier way:

Put the crying character in an upscreen position and the comforter in screen center. Then you’d have the character crying and use a hug rear behavior for the he comforter.


&CHAR1 stands upscreen left AND CHAR1 faces right AND CHAR1 is crying_behvaior
&CHAR2 stands screen center AND CHAR2 faces right AND CHAR2 is hug_rear_behavior

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Dude ur a genius thank the lord for my angel sent from heaven :sob::sob::sob::joy::joy::joy:

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Ok i think that makes sense. Now for me to get the whole spot directing thing and I’ll be good to go lol. Can’t u use that to make a car move and everything? I’m writing 2 different stories so that may have threw me off to a little bit more than i would like to admit

Spot directing helps for putting people in cars but it wouldn’t help with moving cars. Moving cars falls under overlay animation. Here’s a guide on that:

And here’s a guide for moving a car overlay off screen:

If you have any specific questions on Spot Directing or overlay animation, feel free to pm me.

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Ok thank you so much I’ve actually mentioned you as well as @Apes in my episodes but they aren’t published yet as soon as i go over all of this and try to get a hang on spot directing then I’ll be publishing them as i want to go over and edit cause i don’t like the way some of it looks looks like they are jumping while they are talking for some reason lol? Not sure why

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Be sure to review you story on the app as well as the web previewer. The app is more reliable.
And thanks for the shoutout, we always appreciate the love.