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You need to switch coordinates of overlay in the first line. Size should be first then the placement. Let me know if it work x

Well it kinda worked, but the overlay floated from the bottom even though I put it at the top @Apes

Add a zone number even if it’s one zone background, it should help :slight_smile:

is the episode site down? I keep getting Error 502(Server Error) when I try to look it up.

Yeah, I can’t even get past the manage your stories selection page. I just got off. I will try back later.

I have a script warning which says I have too many values to unpack and I have no idea what that means or how to fix it. When I got the warning, part of what I wrote in my script never showed up in the web previewer.

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Check the weather effect (it have to be last, after all overlays) also check your spots (you may have some missing numbers)

There are no weather effects and my spots look fine

Maybe send your script?

double check everything

INT. KITCHEN ONE with GRILLED CHEESE TWO in zone 1 with GRILLED CHEESE in zone 1 with NOTHER DINGING TABLE in zone 1 with OOFERTON in zone 1 with OOF in zone 1
@zoom reset
@overlay OOF moves to layer 1
@overlay OOFERTON moves to layer 2
@overlay NOTHER DINGING TABLE moves to layer 5
@overlay GRILLED CHEESE TWO moves to layer 6
@overlay GRILLED CHEESE moves to layer 7
@KAIA moves to layer 4

@overlay 5760876836552704_OOF shifts to 111 3
@overlay 5760876836552704_OOF scales to 0.532 0.532
@overlay 5760876836552704_NOTHER DINGING TABLE shifts to 21 -15
@overlay 5760876836552704_NOTHER DINGING TABLE scales to 1.774 1.774
@overlay 5760876836552704_GRILLED CHEESE TWO shifts to 39 159
@overlay 5760876836552704_GRILLED CHEESE TWO scales to 0.370 0.370
@overlay 5760876836552704_OOFERTON shifts to -45 3
@overlay 5760876836552704_OOFERTON scales to 0.532 0.532
@overlay 5760876836552704_GRILLED CHEESE shifts to 156 153
@overlay 5760876836552704_GRILLED CHEESE scales to 0.352 0.352
@NERISSA changes into NERISSA_sleepwear
@cut to zone 3
@KAIA enters from right to spot 1.280 255 2 and KAIA is walk_sneak_loop

KAIA (callout_neutral)
Nerissa? Is that-

@KAIA is deepbreath

KAIA (talk_think_neutral)
Grilled cheese?

KAIA (talk_think_neutral)
Lights on.

@reset hsl

@pan to zone 2

&NERISSA faces right
@NERISSA spot 0.677 236 282 and NERISSA is laugh_giggle
@NERISSA moves to layer 3
NERISSA (talk_armscrossed_shrug_neutral)
Grilled cheese is on the table.

@pan to zone 3

@KAIA is idle_bounce_happy_loop

&NERISSA is tinker_stand_neutral_loop_rear
&pan to zone 1 in 6
@KAIA walks to spot 0.992 275 121 in zone 1 in 6 and KAIA is walk_sing_energetic_loop

@KAIA is transition_stand_to_squat_neutral

&KAIA spot 0.992 239 138
@KAIA is idle_sit_leanforward_impressed_loop

@NERISSA walks to 1.037 38 106 in zone 1 in 4

@NERISSA is transition_stand_to_squat_neutral

@NERISSA is idle_sit_anklescrossed_neutral_loop

Yeah the OL names are weird XD

you forgot the “spot” in this line.

@NERISSA walks to spot 1.037 38 106 in zone 1 in 4

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Oh my god im such an idiot.

Ok it’s fixed tysm

i always make small mistakes like that too :joy: no problem <3

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Hi I know that this is a dumb question and I’m bad at wording things, but how do you only have the end of the animation as in the shush one like people do in their stories? Like it doesn’t show the finger shushing but just the face it makes at the end???

Thank you so much!

Hey, I know this is really silly, but do you know what animation is the one that makes a character sort of horrified and moves their body forward and backward until they cover their mouth? I can’t for the life of me seem to find it anywhere, and I know it’s sort of hard to explain in words but I really don’t have a clue of how else to describe it :sweat_smile:

Ohh you mean shocked (that’s hidden animation but you can still use it in your story) :blush:

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Oh my god that’s the one, thank you so much :sob: